Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield


11/26/1981, Surrey, England, UK

Birth Name

Natasha Anne Bedingfield



Also Known As

Natasha Beddingfield, Tasha Bedingfield
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Natasha Bedingfield, is the real deal. As well as possessing a voice to melt radios; an image that's defiantly, vigorously her own; a decade-long passion for writing and singing; a lyrical sass and real-life suss that reshines the tarnished idea of Girl Power; an innate understanding of the…more


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    • Natasha: (on fiancé Matt Robinson He's a business man, and it really is a good balance for my career because he's always a solid rock that I just feel very comfortable with, and I feel very loved. I was single for a long, long time and I kind of went down kicking and screaming because I liked my single-ness, but he was someone definitely worth giving up being single for.

    • Natasha: (on her engagement to boyfriend Matthew Robinson) It just happened. But I am so excited, and it happened in New York. And I want to share it with the world.

    • Natasha: I really like the Spice Girls and I want to go and see them on the tour. I should write for them and could be Invisible Spice. I'd love that.

    • Natasha: (on singing Madonna's song "Ray Of Light" for Radio 1's birthday celebration) I have so much respect for Madonna after learning how hard it is to sing that song. She has an amazing voice - the range you need to sing the song is incredible.

    • Natasha: I will never get a DUI because I can't drive.

    • Natasha: (on when Robbie Williams stood her up) Rob once said he would call me. I bumped into him in an L.A. record shop and he asked me what hotel I was staying in. He said he'd call, but never did. I still think Robbie is attractive. I'd love to duet with him.

    • Natasha: Oh sure, I've trashed a hotel room. In the States we went to those stores where everything costs 99 cents and bought loads of tacky lamps and pictures and then left them dotted around the room.  It was a different form of trashing. And I only did it once, just to shock people.

    • Natasha: (on her love of Prince William and wanting to date him in 2007) I think William is gorgeous - I've fancied him for ages. I'm quite nervous. The only problem is he is single now and I have just started dating someone. I should've made my move ages ago.

    • Natasha: (on dating) Guys in America are a bit more forward than in England. You can be out, food shopping, and guys will just come up to you and go, 'I just have to ask, will you go out with me?' and I'm like, 'Erm, no!' Here (in the UK), the guy has to be pissed before he can ask you. That's why I can do the asking. I've never been a person who gives out their number on the street.

    • Natasha: I was singing at a radio show in New York, and a boy threw his boxer shorts on to the stage. I picked them up and they were still warm. That's gross. Do you think people take knickers to throw, or do they whip them off in the front row? Maybe he was wearing a kilt.

    • Natasha: I am in a place everyone wants to be, but I do sometimes look at the girl working in Starbucks and think, 'God, she is so lucky. At least she gets to switch off at the end of the day'.

    • Natasha: (on how her success can be unbelievable sometimes) There are moments when I think, 'Hang on, I was only dreaming of this a couple of years ago. Now it's all come true!' I bought a house recently in London and I was going through my things and found my old suits from when I was a receptionist. I kept the suits in case it didn't work out. Surely I can throw them out now.

    • Natasha: (on not appearing on the "Rocky Balboa" soundtrack after the plan fell through) In the end the music didn't happen, but I was massively flattered he asked.

    • Natasha: (on performing at Spotlights for one million dollars) I can't wait to get on the plane. America is becoming like a second home to me now and I'm truly flattered that I've been asked to follow in Jennifer (Lopez)'s footsteps at Spotlight. I absolutely adore karaoke so being asked to perform was a no-brainer for me.

    • Natasha: I won't ever do lads' mags or those bikini shots. I'm not a model. I am a singer/songwriter so why should I put myself up there like that? I won't compete in that way. It just isn't healthy.

    • Natasha: I knew that in order to make it in America, I had to be willing to start over. You have to take a step down to take a step up and not many singers are prepared to do that. It was a humbling experience. I sang anywhere and everywhere. Once there was a 'Bedingfield Barbeque', where someone won the chance to have me sing at their house. I didn't really know anything about it until I got to the winner's house and smelt the sausages cooking. There was no microphone, nothing. I just sang in this family's back yard.

    • Natasha: It can't be all about image. It's important for me that I put really good content in what I'm doing.

    • Natasha: I don't want to be the next anyone. I just want to be me, now. And that means all different things.

    • Natasha: (On who she'd like to be stranded on a desert island with) I'd say Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. They come across as lovely - so warm, so bright and so talented. I imagine that we'd have great chats. And if we ever ran out of things to say to each other, I could sing and write songs with Chris Martin, and play charades with Gwyneth. I reckon that they would both be good at strategies and tips for survival as well, which could obviously come in handy if we got stuck there for a long time.

    • Natasha: But even then, I was interested in psychology because I knew that'd make me a better songwriter. It'd give me a deeper insight into people. I was sick of empty music - people whip up a melody then any kind of words to fit. I'm not interested in lines that go "blah blah blah." I want something that provokes me as well as the listener.

    • Natasha: I know I should keep this a secret, but Céline Dion is something of an icon to me.

    • Natasha: A lot of my songs are about taking whatever life throws at you and making the most of it.

    • Natasha: Life is a blank page. Each person holds their pen and writes their own story.

  • I love her voice

    She is strong, sensuous, and an emotional singer that has a wide range. I watch her alot on YouTube when she was a bit younger. I want to see much much more of her, I think tv does not give her the credit she deserves.
  • Yes, original & talented. Very, very talented.

    Natasha Bedingfield is an amazing artist. I think she has a terrific voice and incredible songs. When I first heard her music, I thought it was really good, though I'm not into the bright pop music. But after getting her album and listening to it and learning about her, she became my favorite singer. Her songs are very creative and I love her album. The lyrics are great. I love that she is focused on being a singer/songwriter and nothing else. I don't think we have to hear any stories about her rampages in Hollywood. Natasha is incredibly talented. Her voice is real. I can't wait to hear what else Ms. Bedingfield has to offer.moreless