Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus


9/17/1971, Orange County, California, USA.

Birth Name

Nathan Jay Berkus


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  • Seeing as how Nate is the host I was just wandering if he had any influence over where the contestants will be traveling to to give out their cash allotments or is this a part of the show that should be kept secretive.moreless

    There are many people in the Birmingham Alabama area needing a financial miracle. I know because I am one of them I have a wedding that has been planned and it is my dream wedding its not expensive at all it is just out of my league Im due to get married in November of this year and 5876.00 would be a dream if I could get that to pay for my wedding. So if you have any influence over where they go come to Birmingham Alabama in the Eastern area . We could use help here Thanks

    Begging for helpmoreless
  • One of the most humble human beings I have ever come across.

    In my eyes he could possibly be one of the most humble human beings on earth.

    He did not allow his grate talent and success to inflate his ego.

    Some people will think that he only has the success that he has because of Oprah Winfrey.

    I think she made him a household name for sure, but I have a gut feeling that he would have had the same success anyways.

    Might just have taken him a bit longer to get there!

    Oh, and I love the eyes, smile and blushing!moreless