Nate Hartley

Nate Hartley


1/17/1992, Ravenna, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Nathan Daniel Hartley


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    I know nate heartleys mom. She's a school councillor in Akron Ohio, she's helped me out a lot and I am nates #1 fan
  • Nate rocks!!! One of the funniest people I have met. Can't wait until he starts being in more shows and movies. Maybe even get a show of his own sometime soon. My best to ya Nate.moreless

    Hey everybody!!! Are there any other Nate Hartley fans out there? Nate used to go to my school. He is awesome. He is one of the funniest people that I have ever met and I hope that he succeeds in Hollywood and excels at show business. If there was any ever who deserves to be an actor, it is Nate. He has been "acting" practically all his life. He is a real character. He used to be a clown, he has always enjoyed making people laugh. All of us here who know him are so proud of him and so glad that he has decided to use his talents and follow his dream of being an entertainer. So Nate, if you are reading this, the best of luck to you! (And don't forget to e-mail me. I love hearing from you and my mom says hi. You have my address and I am sure that after you read this, you will figure out who is writing. If not look at my username, I'm sure you'll figure it out then :))moreless