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    • Nathan: I have thought a lot about finding a more stable job because my wife and boys deserve to be cared for and my instincts as a father, husband, and a man compel me to keep busy and work hard and get compensated well, which is difficult to do as an actor. It's hard to say why I've kept at it.

    • Nathan: I very much enjoyed playing Lewis Sirk on Invasion. It was a well done show, and the story just got better and better. Had we got a second season out of it, I'm sure it would've been the most interesting recurring role of my career.

    • Nathan: An actor who's worth his salt should be able to draw from the depths of human folly and the heights of human accomplishment to portray characters larger than life in a way that makes the most stand-offish spectator reflect and repent.

    • Nathan: I think Meryl Streep has been remarkable in continually broadening her range. And she doesn't quit! She has every reason in the world to rest inside the margins, but like an artist she keeps striving. I'm really awed by her.

    • Nathan: Theater is all inclusive. You have to be sharp and fully in character at all times. There's an exciting live element which is unparalleled as well. The audience is like another character in the play and taking them along on the ride with you and feeling them there with you every step of the way is really powerful.

    • Nathan: Horror/slasher films scare me. They really do. I generally steer away from them unless my younger sister (who lives for them) coerces me into accompanying her.

    • Nathan: I'm the the only one in a very creative family who went into acting as a profession, but I'm sort of a test case. If things go well enough for me you might see a Baesel explosion onto the acting scene.

    • Nathan: (on letting his youngest son Nathaniel watch Invasion) I'd let Nate watch if he was interested, but he doesn't care that daddy's on TV. Now if I was in a bright purple dinosaur outfit he'd really be interested.

    • Nathan: I think living in L.A. is a must for a career in TV or film, and living in N.Y. is a must for a career in theater. Unless you are an accomplished actor and you can live wherever you want and do whatever you want. I intend to be an accomplished actor.

    • Nathan: William Fichtner comes across a lot like his character on [Invasion]: cold, manipulative, and completely indifferent to anyone outside the gravity of his egocentricity. But under all that he's a teddy bear. Seriously, I love Bill Fichtner!