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  • Trivia

    • Nathan's most embarrassing moment was when being the mascot of his football team, he was beat up by the opponent's mascot in front of 3,000 people in their home field. The opposing team's mascot turned out to be a girl.

    • When Nathan was a kid, he wanted so much attention that he gave himself a nickname, King Chubs.

    • What Nathan misses most about New York is the pizza, riding subways, walking through neighborhoods, going to coffee shops, seeing the architecture of the west side and hanging out with his actor friends.

    • Nathan has a fear of roller coasters and hates the beach.

    • Nathan's fondest memories of summer are those of playing Wiffle Ball, of riding trains eating hotdogs and M&M's and of vacationing in his father's hometown Maryland.

    • Nathan is a Boston Red Sox fan and likes to play in fantasy baseball leagues. He is also a fan of football.

    • Whenever Nathan goes home to Boston, he drives by Fenway Park and goes to Buff's for the buffalo wings and Bukowski's for beer.

    • Nathan worked at a dog washing shop and at Mount Auburn Cemetery planting flowers. He also worked as a cashier in Bradlees and delivered papers for the Patriot Ledger.

    • As of 2007, Nate has been residing in New York City for the past five years.

    • Nathan graduated from Weymouth High School in 1995.

    • In 2006, Corddry was cast as Tom Jeter in the Aaron Sorkin comedy-drama series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, set to begin airing in fall 2006 on NBC.

  • Quotes

    • Nathan: People in New York are very specific about their things. One of the traits of being a New Yorker is that you have to believe you're the biggest and the best. That means bagels, that means everything.

    • Nathan: America is fickle, and if the audience doesn't get it, regardless of how good the show is, we're gone in two weeks. Is that necessarily going to happen? Probably not. But is there a chance it'll happen? Absolutely.

    • Nathan: I guess people are confused, they don't think I'm a theater kind of actor and they don't know that I have very little comedy experience.

    • Nathan: (about going to the beach) It's like the lobby of a casino. The dregs of society. Screaming kids, and it's packed, hot, and everyone's sweaty. I enjoy, like, sunsets and looking at the ocean, but I don't like parking, walking, humanity—ugh, awful. And the preparation!

    • Nathan: Our parents' notion of how Hollywood works must be so skewed.

    • Nathan: (on studying at Colby-Sawyer) I performed in a lot of great roles, as well as produced and directed productions and started an improv group. Other kids have Yale theater degrees, but I have more experience because I had so many more opportunities.

    • Nathan: (on why he thinks "Studio 60" was canceled) I think it was just money, the huge amount of money that it cost to create it and then run it. They needed it to be a huge hit to make money. The set was expensive, and it was expensive to pay all those people.

    • Nathan: All the opportunities I had at Colby-Sawyer showed me there was nothing stopping me. Everything was within my grasp. Everything was possible.

    • Nathan: Television is an editor's medium, not an actor's medium. There's often no rehearsal, and everything is fast, fast, fast. Then the editors cut and splice your performance.

    • Nathan: (on his character Tom Jeter in "Studio 60") He's fast, great wit, really smart man, and he knows how to craft a joke while you're walking down a hallway.

    • Nathan: I come from a very funny family. That's how you cut your teeth, at the dinner table. We would just tear people apart.

    • Nathan: (in preparing for his role in Studio 60) I've been watching West Wing and Sports Night episodes nonstop since I got the audition. It makes you want to walk down hallways really fast.

    • Nathan: I have a fantasy of coming up with an animated show. I have a lot of friends who do post-production animation and after-effects for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. So I have this fantasy of doing a half hour for Cartoon Network or something.

    • Nathan: The only reason I'm here in New York is because I didn't want to be by myself doing the red carpet. Doing it together we're like a tag team.

    • Nathan: There are people who, when they're around a group of other talented people who are funny and smart, they just explode. They really open up and are themselves, truly.

    • Nathan: Live theater is a much more powerful medium for actors. You are always in control of your performance.

    • Nathan: My agent is really pushing me hard toward television, because that's where the money is, but live theater is what I love.

    • Nathan: Isn't "romance expert" just a fancy way of saying slut?