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  • Cast him as Green Lantern, Damnit!

    Nothing else, this guy's awesomely geeky, and just his personality makes a character 10x better. It helps that his acting chops are good.
  • Love It ~

    I love this show for some strange reason.... :)
  • Nathan

    He has a great sense of humor and great timing. He is great with all the other chacters. Nathan plays a good son and dad.

  • My One and Only Captain.

    Through Castle, I learnt of Nathan. Thank God for that or else I never would have discovered this wonderful man. Now I am a HUGE fan of his works, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, and of course, Castle.

    Nathan, you are my role model. :)
  • To me he will always be "Joey" from "one life to live".

    Good actor. Funny. Don't like him on "Castle".
  • Needs autograph for son PLEASE

    My son and I have been Castle fans from the beginning. He loves Stana and Nathan (me too)! His birthday is December 20. If I could get an autographed photo, I could frame it and give it to him for his birthday. I've never tried to get an autograph. I hope this is being sent to the right place. If it cost money, I can send something. It would mean so much to me because it would mean so much to him. If we could get one with both of them, that would be amazing. But anything. He will be so appreciative.

    Thank you for your help. My son's name is Tyler Church and he will be turning 12.

    Michele Allen

    2228 Schubert Ave

    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

  • This actor is "The 'Mal" of all Trades"!

    He can do comedy, he can do drama, he can do the most addictive characters of all time, but he just can't seem to get a break from unimaginative networks. I believe this man just needs THE vehicle to blow them all away. When I look at some of the "actors" out there on commercially if not critically successful series, and then see Nathan excelling at performance after performance on what I believe to be great, imaginative but CANCELED shows...well, I just don't understand "the biz". Nor, apparently, does "the biz" understand me and what I want to see.
    Nathan will win out. He is so talented and capable of such character diversity, I know the right vehicle will come along. And I will be watching.
  • Known to most fans as Captain Malcom Reynolds from the series Firefly, Nathan Fillion has been turning out great work for years.

    Nathan Fillion is one of the most criminally underappreciated actors working today. While he has been able to land a few movies so far (Look for him in "Waitress," "Slither," and in a bit part in "Saving Private Ryan"), Nathan Fillion's work has largely been confined to Joss Whedon projects. Now, I'm not bashing Whedon shows: they're good gigs if you can get them. I just think that Mr. Fillion has what it takes to be a star. His work in "Firefly" alone shows that he is capable of carrying a series or even a movie. In my opinion, his unique mix of charisma and humor works wonders and I sincerely hope that one day his is a household name and not one that is remembered solely for his turn on "Firefly/Serenity".
  • I this show. I have twin infants and rarely get time to watch TV, but this show is a MUST for me.

    My favorite characters are Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn, and Susan Sullivan. They have such great chemistry together. They always make me laugh! And I absolutely love Nathan's character, Castle. Nathan does an awesome job...he's good looking, charming, funny, smart, daring, witty, confident, bold yet sensitive...and he thinks outside the box. And did I say...good looking. Love his mischievous smile! He has great chemistry with Stana Katic's character, Kate. I'm glad to see they are giving her character more depth. You see her professional serious side...but lately you also see her sexy fun loving side. I love this show! Can't say enough good things about it. All the cast members compliment each other so well. Don't see that a lot on TV these days.
  • You literally rock

    I've never watched anything big for Nathan fillion before Castle . but hey , It's more than enough . He is funny , charming , spontaneous and you can't say he's acting .. his delightful acting makes the show very light and adorable and with Beckett they give us too much fun every Monday's night .. I loved Nathan Fillion by watching Castle and I think I'll be searching for more of his rules . he looks older than he's but maybe they mean to make him look like a 45 year old dad .. 39 !! is still young :D ... loved your rule Rick .... Nathan


    SECOND only to Josh Bowman from Revenge in looks, and they both are awesome actors, but this is a real mans man, oh boy do I look forward to seeing him every week, I think it is a real shame he has been off the air for so long, really, what are the networks thinking, you go Nathan your awesome not easy being a Sexy hunk of burning love and a great actor, but you pull them both off very well, wish you were still wearing your space pants, lol.

  • A great actor (+ beautiful)

    Nathan Fillion is a great actor, who never seems to catch a break. His shows keep getting canceled when when they are excellent (Firefly) or alright (Miss Match or Two Guys a Girl and a pizza place), so I really hope his new show Castle is good and gets picked up! Nathan is very talented and it is time that he gets a bit more well know past the rabid Firefly fans like myself. It is hard to play tough and "good" not nice which is easy. He is also from Edmonton, where I now reside, which is an added bonus.
  • One of the most under-rated and overlooked actors of today.

    I've been a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, since his appearance as the preacher in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was one of the most memorable villians, even more so than the original first villian "the master".

    Nathan, has been involved with so many great shows that networks always fail at giving a full run. One of his latest would be Drive, which was a interesting story of a group of random people given an opportunity to win a large sum of money for a cannonball style race across the country of which the first person to arrive - wins.

    Now let me mention a tiny show from Joss Whedon called FireFly. This is/was/will be my most favorite sci-fi action series ever. This was such an original and ahead of it's time space cowboy genre, which after it's cancellation CONTINUES to gain newer fans by being one of the most popular shows on such sites like While even I (being such a huge fan) thought that Nathan had reached his peak after his appearance in firefly. I was GLADLY mistaken with the release of Joss Whedon's internet sensational hit, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long-Blog. Nathan appeared as Captain Hammer alongside seasoned actor Neil Patrick Harris, whom is another one of this generations most lovable actors. My only hope is that FireFly gets re-picked up and moved to another network that actually knows what they are doing of producing quality televised installments.
  • Nathan Fillion is fantastic and one of the most underrated actors of this generation.

    I hope that I don't sound too starry eyed when I say that there aren't enough adjectives in the english language to describe how talented I think that Nathan Fillion is. I feel like he's on the verge of greatness and he has been on some great shows and movies, he just needs that one role that makes people stand up and really notice.
    He manages to play whatever role he takes on with a quirky sense of humor and such nuance that you can't help but be drawn to the characters, and how he is able to make the transition from goofy humor to menacing in an instant without making the character seem schizophrenic. I also love how he brings such believability and likability to characters - even Caleb on Buffy. While I happen to be a fan of the movies he's in, the problem is even though they're brilliant, they're also fringe and subject to cult followings rather than mainstream popularity. I think that if he found that role that was challenging and different while appealing to the masses, he'll become massive. And when he does, I hope that he'll stay as down to earth as he appears to be at Comicon and interviews.
  • Nathan Fillon is a amazing actor

    I have only watch 1 of his film that he plays in Waitresse I love that movie so much i dont want to return it to the store lol. I am asking for it for xmas. I love the way he brings light into the movie like when he has a affair with Jenna it is not something you see evrie day anway i want to expresse my fellings for Fillon i think your a amazing acctor and hope you contunie to star in funny films such as Waitresse i am also canadien but live in ontario.

    your favrite fan Karine
  • empty

    A funny guy and good actor that can't seem to catch a lucky break.
    i watch everything with "the fillion" because i think he's a good well rounded actor, he can make you laugh, make you think, make you cry and even play it bad ass when it's called for. i watched white noise 2 recently and was suprised how good it was, then after wards i thought if nathan fillion wasn't in it would i have bothered watching it.

    keep up the good work and everyone will keep watching mate
  • Man, this guy can do anything! He's great in any part, it's just a shame his shows keep getting cancelled!

    I first noticed Nathan Fillion in "Two Guys and a Girl". Although not the nest sitcom, it did have a lot of very talented actors and Nathan Fillion was one of them. He can pull off being nice, funny and terifying all at the same time! In "Two Guys and a Girl" I remember both the main characters being very scared of him at one point or another after they'd upset him. But that was just because he was a big guy who could kick their asses. And the way he played it was scary, but very funny. In Firefly he was a different kind of nice, funny and terifying all at the same.

    This time he was a guy who would kill you where you stood if he wanted to. His delivery of the dozens of excellent lines was brilliant, but it was his onscreen presence that made him seem like a captain who should be both admired and, at times, feared. After Firefly was cancelled he had a small role as arguably the most terrifying character of all time on Buffy! And he still played it with a slighty comedic twist which worked to make it even more scary!

    Obviously there's a lot more to his career than just these two shows. His newly cancelled show Drive and a very memorable guest appearence on Lost are two of his most recent appearences. Again in both of these he was class. And we can't forget his small part as Private Ryan in "Saving Private Ryan" (he was the other one). He had to play being distrought and then releived in one scene, whilst keeping it slightly funny, but believable. Not an easy thing to ask of a main character, let alone someone with a very small part!

    For such a great actor it is a shame that his shows keep getting cancelled, none of which were through any fault of his own. This man deserves a strong leading role and any show should be glad to have him.
  • One of the best actors ever!

    I remember seeing Nathan Fillion for the first time in Buffy as Caleb! i thought he played a great role, a humerous villain! he nailed that part! then i saw him in Firefly, i had never heard of Firefly, untill i saw my sisters boyfriends DVD boxed set, i borrowed it, watched it, bought it and watched it again! it was awesome! Fillions character mal was awesome! this is when i knew this guy could play anything, a villain to a sarcastic yet caring captain! This is still one of my favourite shows of all time!

    Since then i watched him in Two guys and a girl, drive (shame it got cancelled) and his appearance in Lost!, i loved the fact that in both his roles in Lost and firefly, his character got married, both times to a woman whom he didnt know there real name, was drugged by them and then they left him! i dont know if his role in lost was diliberatly done like this, but i thought it was awesome! =)

    BUT, i still do not understand why his shows keep getting cancelled! Drive was awesome and FOX never gave it a chance! only airing 4 episodes was unfair to the fans and the actors involved! shame no you FOX for putting great actors who deserve better, out of a job!

    And those are my reasons why i think Nathan Fillion is a great actor! his role will come, and hen it does and the program gets the fans FOX will be regretting it!
  • One of my favorite actors.

    He is such a good actor. He does a wonderful job of interpreting his characters and acting them as they were meant to be acted. He did a fantastic job as Captain Mal in Firefly. He did a wonderful job of combining troubled, sarcastic, and funny and the result was a very lovable captain. He was equally brilliant in Drive, where he played the similar character (at least to me - one used to rob banks and the other still does, both are troubled and witty) of Alex Tully. He should definitly get awarded (or at least nominated!) for his acting. He also needs a steady show!! Fox keeps cancelling the good shows he's in, and this needs to stop!!
  • Does great work!

    Nathan Fillion is a great actor and should be commended for it. Granted, he's not one of the best, but he's still very talented and does a great job with his characters. As Captain Mal on Firefly, he was amazing. I loved his character and the spin he put on it. With his new role on Drive as Alex Tully, again, he's done great with the character. I am happy that he's gotten another chance with another show, I just hope this one won't get cancelled as soon. Overall, he does wonderful work interpreting his characters and makes the show all the more wonderful to watch.
  • Nathan Fillion - Two guys a girl and a pizza place - Johnny Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Evil Preacher Firefly - Malcom Reynolds

    I watched this beautiful man in all of these shows, but you know what I didn't acually realise until I was watching the credits that they were all Nathan Fillion. Now thats great acting. A fireman, an evil preacher and a ships captain, three different roles that he played so well that even if you knew that he was the same actor, you would forget that and get embroiled in the character and the show. This takes so much skill that I won't be suprised if he reached the same height as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the mainstrem media. He is already bigger than them in the Sci-Fi world. Ask any person who likes Sci-Fi and I predict that they will know who Nathan Fillion is and think that he is a really good actor. There is just one thing. In the next project he does i would love it if he took his shirt off more often. He is fit and I would like the world to realise it.
  • A great actor

    I first saw Nathan Fillion in the last few episodes of Buffy and then totally forgot about him until Serenity come out. Since I came an absolute Firefly nut, I've been trying to see most of the things he has appeared in.

    And after watching those I have come to the opinion that Nathan Fillion is a very underrated actor. Seriously, he's great, why hasn't he been in more things?

    Not only is he really gorgeous, he manages to be great in most of the things he does. My favourite, of course, had to be Firefly because he portrays Mal Reynolds so well. But he is also fantastic as Caleb in Buffy. He is so evil, but charmingly evil.

    Give the man more roles, that's what I think.
  • A cross between a young Duke in stage coach and Kirk Douglas in OK corral.

    We need heroes today. Put our boy back on the screen with his own show make a new Firefly. The audience is there. Or the big screen doing action hero stuff that I need to watch. Whatever hollyweird don\'t waist the talent here. Make some money make good old westerns here is your guy. How about a Billy Jack remake this is the dude. A few more remakes Sgt York. Damn come on. Daniel Boone comes to mind. Yeh I have a man crush so what. Kiss my foot. I know heroes. A new Hondo. come on.
  • Oooh soo sweet, cute yeah hes lovely. Ok so first saw him in Two guys and a girl and he was ok never really thought wow. Then saw him in Buffy and thought wow how different and evil can he be? Was class. Then saw him in serenity and firefly.....

    Oooh soo sweet, cute yeah hes lovely. Ok so first saw him in Two guys and a girl and he was ok never really thought wow. Then saw him in Buffy and thought wow how different and evil can he be? Was class. Then saw him in serenity and firefly.....

    Well can i say how frikkin hot he was in Firelfy and serenity. Loved it completly. Just soo cute and one brilliant actor.

    Can't wait to see him in White Noise and eventually lost when i finally watch second and third season. Soo worth tuning into a programme for just a wonderfull actor.
  • So damn good!

    I love Nathan Fillion a.k.a Malcolm Reynolds! But sadly I hate writing long, lengthy reviews, so i'm going to try and sum up his greatness in around 100 words!

    Nathan Fillion has it all! Comic timing, dramatic precission, romantic flair and a legendary character that will redefine anti-hero's in t.v and film for years to come. Imagine Han Solo meets J.D (on scrubs) and thats the swash buckling, law breaking, at times idiotic character that Nathan brings to life in the criminally under appreciated series 'Firefly'. My hope is that it won't be the last we will see of Nathan and that he will light up our screens for many years to come.
  • Captain Reynolds

    After seeing Nathan as Captain Malcolm Reynolds I know he is destined to become one of the all time greats. After a spell of bad luck, when his series was canceled, and a few parts in movies I know he will rise to the top of the acting crop. It is only a matter of time. Working and feeding of other actors reactions and talents he can mold himself into any role. Quite a rare talent, to say the least.
  • Great actor and underrated!

    I am wondering like the rest of you why Nathan
    Hasn't at all landed a show that showcases his talent,
    Good rugged looks, wit, and really makes him a huge star
    Here's hoping that he will land a role in which he becomes a huge name star. It has taken Hollywood years to discover people like George Clooney! Here's hoping he will have his breakthrough asap!
  • This man has it all: looks, talent, timing, charisma, personality, and the fan base. So why doesn't everyone love him?

    Nathan Fillion from his television career to movies has done great works. His characters would all be a little dull if he didn't bring his own charm and skills to the roles. Malcolm Reynolds(Firefly/Serenity) and Johnny(TGAAG)have definitly been my favorite roles of his. I throuoghly enjoy anything he is and make a point to tell anyone I know how great he is and how they should see or buy his work. Everyone who has followed my orders loves him almost instantly so my question is why is he still on the low end of the totem pole in hollywood. I would love to see this talented man in the spotlight sooner than later whether its James Gunn, Joss Whedon, or anyone. Give this man a good character and a proper script and he will hit it big I am sure of it!
  • Nathan was awesome in Firefly.

    Nathan played the captain of his own ship in Firefly. He had to combine two very different people for this role. Part of him was loyal and idealistic. Then during the war, he lost his faith in God, man, and everyone else except himself. Slowly, he is learning how to live with himself and others in a complex world. He loves, and is loved by, his crew and develops a deep trust.

    His acting is excellent where you can feel his pain of making the hard decisions that you really don't see is any other TV show. You also feel his deep devotion to those he care's about. I don't think any other actor was able to capture this duality.
  • On the second day, Mariska took a trip to Canada, trying to steer clear of Jill Hennessy. Of course, Mariska brought her partner, Christopher Meloni, but a new face appeared: Nathan Fillion.

    Now that that story-like introduction is over, I'll tell you *my* side of the story when it comes to Mr. Fillion.

    This also marks the first time I've reviewed a Canadian. There's nobody who can do it better like Olivia Benson than Malcom Reynolds, the main character of Firefly that is the captain of a mysterious spaceship (think either Starblade (a Namco arcade game), Space Cases (featuring another favorite Canadian actress of mine, Jewel Staite--she's in Firefly too), or even Star Trek--or Stargate SG-1! Although Malcom doesn't solve crimes like Olivia, he adventures out in space with a powerful crew, and Olivia doesn't do that.

    Since this is the first time I have reviewed a Canadian actor before, there will be no point system for Nathan Fillion. The next Canadian I review will have the point system. So therefore, like Mariska, I gave Nathan a perfect 41/41. Just pray the next Canadian actor I review is absolutely NOT Jill Hennessy...

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