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  • Known to most fans as Captain Malcom Reynolds from the series Firefly, Nathan Fillion has been turning out great work for years.

    Nathan Fillion is one of the most criminally underappreciated actors working today. While he has been able to land a few movies so far (Look for him in "Waitress," "Slither," and in a bit part in "Saving Private Ryan"), Nathan Fillion's work has largely been confined to Joss Whedon projects. Now, I'm not bashing Whedon shows: they're good gigs if you can get them. I just think that Mr. Fillion has what it takes to be a star. His work in "Firefly" alone shows that he is capable of carrying a series or even a movie. In my opinion, his unique mix of charisma and humor works wonders and I sincerely hope that one day his is a household name and not one that is remembered solely for his turn on "Firefly/Serenity".