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    • Nathan Fillion: I also have a cat. I'm not a cat-person, but she came with the house that I'm renting. I was told she was 18 when I moved in, so I thought, 'How long can she possibly last?' And that was 6 years ago – and I don't know how many hundreds of dollars worth of bump removals, teeth removals, cleanings and vet fees I have been through since then. But of course I love her and she is worth it.

    • Nathan Fillion: (on Firefly fans' attempts to save the show) It's very Jehovah's Witness. I'm not sure if anyone's actually going door to door, but it's not far off.

    • Nathan Fillion: (on Serenity) I want it to lead to a trilogy, because I want to do this again.

    • Nathan Fillion: (about Joss Whedon) One hundred percent of the time his idea makes me look cooler.

    • Nathan Fillion: (when asked about his relationship with Joss Whedon) I'll tell you this. No one has ever shown the kind of faith in me that Joss Whedon has shown, in both giving me a lead on his sci-fi show Firefly and in letting me play a villain for the very first time. No one's ever let me play a villain before. So, I would say that I think he's done great things for my career and certainly my confidence in general.

    • Nathan Fillion (about Serenity): There is nothing like a major motion picture to make you feel a little bit better about having your TV show canceled.

    • Nathan Fillion (when asked what he likes about playing a villain): Being able to be evil. You can't do the evil things that you want to do in real life. You certainly can't because it's against the law and society says all that they have to say about being evil. You want to be bad everyday. You want to do the bad evil things that you can't get away with and now I'm able to be bad and super strong. It's a fantasy.

    • Nathan Fillion (when asked what makes Caleb unique and threatening): His accent. Never trust a southerner. No, I'm kidding. They're wonderful. You want to believe in his niceness and his charm, but he's an evil kind of crazy man who's righteous. Fear the righteous.

    • Nathan Fillion (when asked if he would go back and do a Firefly TV series again after Serenity): I hope so. Daddy's got bills to pay!

    • Nathan Fillion: My favorite villains are the ones you don't see coming. What I enjoyed about playing Caleb was that he was so very, very clever, so very, very sweet, and so very, very twisted. I liked that he's not a typical villain. He's soft and sweet and righteous, and yet he's perverted and twisted in his head.

    • Nathan Fillion (talking about the cancellation of Firefly): I broke the cardinal rule of don't fall in love with what you're doing, because the rug can get yanked out from underneath you, and when it did, I was heartbroken.

    • Nathan Fillion: (responding to a question about his underwear) Same as every other man out there. They are old, got holes, and worn through to the point of transparency. I occasionally buy new ones but I never throw any away. If a man says he throws out his underwear, he is lying. It's as simple as that. They don't get trashed, they just sometimes fall off or ignite.