Nathan Kress

Nathan Kress


11/18/1992, Glendale, California, USA

Birth Name

Nathan Karl Kress



Also Known As

Nate Kress
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Nathan Karl Kress was born on November 18th, 1992 in Glendale, California, USA. Nathan started his career doing small voice overs for the animated movie, Babe: Pig in the City. Now he works on the new hit show, iCarly, as Freddie Benson. He started acting at the age…more


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    • Nathan: I do hope to be an adult actor. But if it doesn't work out, I've been thinking about doing something in the medical therapy field, chiropractics or something like that. I've always been into the idea of helping people medically, but I can't stand blood or surgery. That freaks me out. So this would be a bloodless way to help people. I really want to go to college. My PSATs came back and I did really well. My math was better than it was last year, so I'm happy about that. But I did the best in history and social science on that test.

    • Nathan: There's honestly not much time for a regular life between full-time work and school, but I wouldn't trade my life with anybody else right now. I really enjoy working on iCarly and whenever I can get quality time with my family and close friends, I appreciate it even more.

    • Nathan: (when asked about the nicest thing a fan has said to him) A mom wrote me a letter and said that she watches iCarly with her kids and she appreciated me setting a good example for her kids!

    • Nathan: Since I was very young, probably two or three, I had really good memorization skills. I would memorize stuff from TV and perform it for my family. I was the little performer for most of my early life. So eventually my mom caught onto that and thought I might want to get into acting. An opportunity came around for my mom to showcase me for an agent and we got picked up and started auditioning.

    • Nathan: (On iCarly) It's weird, I have to pretend to love Carly and hate Sam, but we are all friends.

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    Nathan Kress is awesome. He is of course probably best known for his role on iCarly, and rightfully so- he's hilarious on that show. He is funny as Freddie Benson, and obviously very intelligent. I hope I get to see more of Nathan Kress in the future- I probably will. Once iCarly eventually ends I bet I will see him, either in drama (he could be good in drama, I'd bet), or in more comedy, more TV shows, movies, etc. I really hope he becomes a bigger star because I see a lot of potential in him. I really domoreless
  • He is by far my favorite actor. He is so talented!

    I am in love with this boy! Nathan Kress is one those actors that can show true happiness, sadness, anger, and even vulnerability when he needs to without showing difficulty or awkwardness. He, even when iCarly first started, stood out to me as the one who would make iCarly famous for Nickelodeon. Every show needs the humble nerd like Freddie to close the deal. Nathan is also down to Earth, too. He hasn't let fame get to his head; he is just your normal teenage boy. I can tell that he won't be forgotten in many people's eyes. It helps that he is so amazingly hot, too!moreless