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  • perfect

    Nathan Kress is awesome. He is of course probably best known for his role on iCarly, and rightfully so- he's hilarious on that show. He is funny as Freddie Benson, and obviously very intelligent. I hope I get to see more of Nathan Kress in the future- I probably will. Once iCarly eventually ends I bet I will see him, either in drama (he could be good in drama, I'd bet), or in more comedy, more TV shows, movies, etc. I really hope he becomes a bigger star because I see a lot of potential in him. I really do
  • He is by far my favorite actor. He is so talented!

    I am in love with this boy! Nathan Kress is one those actors that can show true happiness, sadness, anger, and even vulnerability when he needs to without showing difficulty or awkwardness. He, even when iCarly first started, stood out to me as the one who would make iCarly famous for Nickelodeon. Every show needs the humble nerd like Freddie to close the deal. Nathan is also down to Earth, too. He hasn't let fame get to his head; he is just your normal teenage boy. I can tell that he won't be forgotten in many people's eyes. It helps that he is so amazingly hot, too!
  • empty

    hes sos freaking cute i just wann give hima big hug and totally a kiss
  • He is a great actor he ROCKS!

    Nathan Kress is a talented young actor and I really like him alot. I am a fan of him and he is a great voice actor too. He started acting at the age of three and he started doing voice overs and when he was three he discovered his talent that he had good memorization and would perform it for his family. Keep up the good work Nathan you ROCK! and I really like you. He is so funny on iCarly and I really like his acting on iCarly and he is funny on that show and I really enjoy watching his acting he just ROCKS!
  • He is awesome!

    Awesome and cute. Okay, so i have to admit i had a little crush on him but i guess it was idolism. Anyway, i think he did great in all his shows. He was kinda funny on the iCarly website of 'iAct it Out'. Seriously hilarious. Honestly, i wouldnt say he is the best ACTOR in the whole entire universe but still, he is funny in a way. Just like Mitchel Musso, he's funny in his own weird way. Well, im not sure what else i should say but he is really great and i so wouldnt mind acting with him. *sigh* Like that would happen...
  • I'm a fan of him,especially on iCarly!

    My favorite role he's had is iCarly's Freddie,next to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's Jamie,which are also the only roles I've seen of him.In iCarly,Nathan plays Freddie Benson,a boy who knows his tech gear very well.He has a crush on his neighbor,Carly Shay,the host of iCarly.Freddie plays the role of using the equipment to show the webcast,and without him,the show would fall like blocks!Carly only sees him as a friend,however he still tries to impress her,I believe he will one day.The co-host of iCarly,Sam Puckett,has a fued with him.People believe they will one day date,but I vote against it.It's disgusting. :P
    Freddie also has a friendship with Spencer Shay,Carly's 26 year old brother and guardian.Once,they tried to host a sign for viewers to see to log in on iCarly.The two were carrying the sign,but Spencer left it for some reason,and caused it to crush Freddie!Later,the board malfunctioned when Spencer pressed it,it sparked and went dead like the darkness.The malfunction caused the sign to flicker it's lights from,"Please go to"to"Pee on Carl".Many cars crashed becuase of it.and Spencer was nearly arrested.Basically,I like Freddie better,Jamie acted rather snobbish.Bye.

  • a good young actor that cna play many parts well.

    we first saw nathan kress ( well i first saw him) on the suite life of zack and cody as jamie, a troubled kid who had recently got a wheelchair injury that disabled him from playing basketball. kress played that part extremey well showing everyone what its like to be in that situation and how they feel about it. he was then on icarly, as freddie a technical manager for the show and carlys neighbor. he has played both parts very well and has been a great actor in different acting situations, like being panicked, scared, upset, basically everything. he is a great actor and i can tell that he has a future on icarly and possibly farther than that on teen nick.
  • He's 15 but doesn't look it.

    I think he's very talented. I remember seeing him on the show The suite Life Of Zack and Cody. Then seeing him on this show refreshes my mind to know thats he's a pretty good actor. Though he plays a whiny character and usually gets picks on. In reality he seems like a cool guy. Just like any other guy that i know at school. He's looks okay and probably gonna be in the star spot light for a pretty long time. Other then that i don't remember seeing him any where else until this show came out. Now this show is one of my favorites iCarly.
  • He's a great actor!!!

    Nathan Kress was born on November 18, 1992 in Glendale, California. He is very talented in my opinion. I first saw him in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in an episode called, Back in the Game. He played Jamie. When I saw that episode, I sorta thought he was annoying, but once I saw him in iCarly, I totally changed my mind about him. He plays Freddie Benson, a friend of Carly's. In the dancing episode when it was his dream, I kinda thought it was cheesy, but oh well. I hope to see him in more TV/movie roles.