Nathaniel Parker

Nathaniel Parker


5/18/1962, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Nathaniel Parker



Also Known As

Nat Parker
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Nathaniel Parker is a popular British TV and film actor. He is probably best known for his role of Inspector Thomas Lynley in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and of Harold Skimpole in the BBC's adaptation of Charles Dickens' Bleak House. He is also a great favourite of the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • When he was on Broadway, New York, he went to a phone booth with $70.00 worth of coins just to call his wife Anna.

    • Nathaniel takes charity work very seriously. He visited war victims in Chad and Darfur in 2008. He supports charities such as, JRI films, S.A.F.E., Dr. Barnados and DEC.

    • Nathaniel was 9 years old when he saw his older sister Lucy in a play and decided to become an actor at that point.

    • Nat has been the reader on a number of audio books including the "Artemis Fowl" series by Eoin Coffer as well as the classics of Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy.

    • In 2004 Nathaniel played Jean-Louis Chavel in the radio adaptation of Graham Green's The Tenth Man.

    • In 1998 Nathaniel took 4 months off work to help look after his daughters.

    • Nathaniel has performed in many BBC Radio dramas with roles stretching from the notorious Lord Lucan to Taffy, a Welsh Border collie!

    • Nathaniel is also an accomplished stage performer and has appeared in numerous plays throughout the UK.

    • You may write to Nathaniel at the following address:
      Nathaniel Parker
      c/o International Creative Management
      Oxford House
      76 Oxford Street
      W1D 1BS

    • Nathaniel joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1986. He left in 1987 to pursue roles in film and television.

    • Nathaniel graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art as the star pupil of the year.

    • Nathaniel's sister Lucy is a partner in a media company.

    • Nathaniel's elder brother, Alan, runs his own PR business in London.

    • Nathaniel's first television role was in the series Piece of Cake (1988).

    • Television presenter Fiona Phillips named her first-born son Nathaniel after meeting him.

    • Nathaniel is very keen on riding and a passionate follower of the turf. He has been refused by a few bookies as he has often made too much profit with gambling on racehorses.

    • Nathaniel's father is the former British Rail chairman.

    • Nathaniel has a horse named Jellybean.

    • Nathaniel is the younger brother of actor and director Oliver Parker who directed Nathaniel in Othello (1995).

    • Nathaniel has been married to actress Anna Patrick since 1992. They have two children together, two daughters named Angelica and Raphaella.

    • Nathaniel's first feature film role was in War Requiem (1989).

    • Nathaniel is the son of Sir Peter Parker and Dr. Jill Parker. He is the youngest of their four children.

    • Nathaniel is 6' 1" (1.85 m) tall.

  • Quotes

    • Nathaniel: You know, if you try take on a big Shakespearean role, which I've done in the past and loved doing, you know they're always saying, "Well, of course, so and so did it so much better in 1943." And you're going, "Oh, bloody hell! What's the point?"

    • Nathaniel: One Saturday, I bought an old Escort estate [car] there. The nicest thing anybody said about it was that it was red – my brother called it the "van rouge".

    • (Talking about playing Albert Speer on TV.)
      Nathaniel: I've always wanted to play a Nazi because I really believe that everyone - and I'm not just talking about actors here - has a Hitler inside them. Fortunately most of the cultivated world - and for that matter the uncultivated world - don't let the Hitler in them come out. But some do and if we don't expose it and look it in the face, we can never stop it.

    • (Talking about organ donation.)
      Nathaniel: If I died today, with a perfect set of kidneys and a liver, well, dammit, people need them.

    • Nathaniel: I was 15 when I got my first games computer, a Sinclair console. The game was to do with landing planes. I was useless at it. I must have killed bucket loads of people!

    • Nathaniel: I have always thought women were the superior sex. Witnessing childbirth confirmed it for me.

    • Nathaniel: Happily, when I'm working, I often seem to get jobs that give me the opportunity to ride - in Vanity Fair, Hamlet and Far from the Madding Crowd, for example. It is rather nice to do something I like and get paid for it. I have a quarter of a race horse but I don't have my own hack. Though we were never a horsey type of family, I started riding when I was about 10 at a local stables. I used to do show jumping and gymkhanas but, now, I am not allowed to jump because of the insurance. I just ride for pleasure, though it is still my ambition to do silks and get on a race horse.