Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews


1/17/1969, London, England UK

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Naveen William Sidney Andrews


  • Naveen Andrews as Sayid of Lost.
  • Naveen Andrews as Sayid of Lost.
  • Naveen Andrews appears as Sayid in the f...
  • Naveen Andrews appears as Sayid in the f...
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Naveen Andrews is British, of Indian descent. He attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, which counts among it's alumni Ewan McGregor and David Thewlis. At the age of 16 he began living with his teacher, Geraldine Feakins. The two went on to have a son, Jaisal.…more


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    • Naveen: In Hollywood, it's normal to have white men with black women, but the reverse is too threatening.

    • Naveen: I've always liked women who are older. They seem to know who they are, and they've lived. They've got soul, and that's very attractive.

    • Naveen: (About "Lost") I think we're sort of pushing the envelope in that way. You won't see this kind of cast anywhere else. It's highly unusual, and if people can learn from that, that would be good.

    • Naveen: My dad was violent. Things were getting really bad and if I'd stayed, I might not be here now.

    • Naveen: (on "Lost")We're dealing with an immense kind of pressure to keep the quality up. It's make or break this season, quite frankly. ... We have an audience now. We can't let them down.

    • Naveen: Up to now, things have been relatively decent, if you ignore the episode where Sawyer was tortured. But now things are going to get wild and a lot more violent for everybody. Life will become rather brutal.

    • Naveen: I feel a sense of responsibility to the Iraqi community and to the Arab world.

    • Naveen: I already had a fraught relationship with my parents, who were very traditional. They wanted me to get a proper job, like any right-thinking parents would.

    • Naveen: Only when I came to America did I think of myself as British.

    • Naveen: (On His addiction while shooting Kama Sutra in India) It was my Rolling Stones 1972 tour. I was on everything. In India, the heroin is pure.

    • Naveen: If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the show's completely unpredictable. It's constantly changing. But I sense something sort of spiritual about the character, that somehow there's something in him that's trying to atone for what he's done in the past.

    • Naveen: Lost is by far the most challenging show I have had to work on.

    • Naveen: I'm no longer in rehab, I'm fixed, I'm a new person.

    • Naveen: The highest compliment I've ever received is when people have come up to me and said, I don't watch TV, but I watch your show. That's the best anyone could hope for.

    • Naveen: I would have liked to have traded places with Jimi Hendrix for a day just to have that kind of mind in terms of playing. There were things that Hendrix did that I think would be impossible for anybody else to get. They were things that will never happen again.

    • Naveen: I've always been attracted to older women, because they know who they are, they look infinitely better to me.

    • Naveen: I was always in trouble from an early age. I had a fraught relationship with my parents, who were very traditional. Doing plays at school was a joyous release.

    • Naveen: I think that reality TV is so bad. It is a tool by the media to not make people think.

    • Naveen: Just because I never went to university doesn't mean you can't read, although I do feel a bit uneducated from time to time.

    • Naveen: I hate watching myself on screen. It physically makes me sick, but tonight I have no choice and will have to bear it.

    • Naveen: I don't know if I have really made it as an actor. I don't even look at it that way.

    • Naveen: It is not easy to get parts in mainstream films for most people of color. Hollywood and British writers are not writing parts for us, or the directors are not interested in casting us in parts that are color-blind.

    • Naveen: (on the potential short life-span of characters on "Lost")
      I think we all had that as a concern. That monster there is like a producer's dream, isn't it? Any one of us could get bumped off at any time and we're all aware of it. It keeps you on your toes.

    • Naveen: The older I get, the more I'm prepared to do things for the money.

  • Naveen Andrews

    It seems the Lost writers became fascinated with how bad Sayid could be and forgot the humanity of the character. Some writers now seem to entranced with this actor's ability to play evil or troubled characters. He has done romance and comedy and has shown a gift for them. Remember, Bride and Prejudice did well and that dance scene is a big youtube hit.
  • I absolutely love Naveen Andrews. In my opinion, he is hands down the best actor on Lost. I agree with the other Poster that Lost wouldn't be near as good as it is without him. He is dark and mysterious and his acting skills are so magnificent I forgetmoreless

    that he's an actor. I can't say the same about many actors or actresses. And his eyes! Without attempting to sound cliche', his eyes are incredible. He's an absolute GEM. He really needs to be given a bigger role on Lost. I've never been attracted to a darker man but he is definitely the exception to the rule. I'm so jealous of Barbara Hershey I can't even see straight. Anyway, I digress and I apologize. So back to Sayids role, definitely give him a larger role because without Naveen, well, Lost would be lost, and not in a good way.moreless