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  • Naveen Andrews

    It seems the Lost writers became fascinated with how bad Sayid could be and forgot the humanity of the character. Some writers now seem to entranced with this actor's ability to play evil or troubled characters. He has done romance and comedy and has shown a gift for them. Remember, Bride and Prejudice did well and that dance scene is a big youtube hit.
  • I absolutely love Naveen Andrews. In my opinion, he is hands down the best actor on Lost. I agree with the other Poster that Lost wouldn't be near as good as it is without him. He is dark and mysterious and his acting skills are so magnificent I forget

    that he's an actor. I can't say the same about many actors or actresses. And his eyes! Without attempting to sound cliche', his eyes are incredible. He's an absolute GEM. He really needs to be given a bigger role on Lost. I've never been attracted to a darker man but he is definitely the exception to the rule. I'm so jealous of Barbara Hershey I can't even see straight. Anyway, I digress and I apologize. So back to Sayids role, definitely give him a larger role because without Naveen, well, Lost would be lost, and not in a good way.
  • In a time when the word Iraq instills fear and hate in the heart of every American, can there possibly be any actor who could play a loveable Iraqi solider who Americans can take to...well yes there is.

    Naveen Andrews has been in Lost for four seasons now and it is clear that he is one of the most complex and intriguing characters in the show. Naveen Andrews is certainly one of the mos talented actors in the show and his performances in nearly everyone of his episodes is stunning.
    In the season 2 episode, One of Them, Sayid comes across a man caught in one of Rousseau's traps and believes him to be one of the others (first appearance of Ben Linus as well, good times). Whilst questioning the man in the hatch, he lets his anger boil over and gives a heart breaking speech about how you would remember every moment of burying the woman that you loved. It is a well timed and well controlled performance which makes the viewer under stand his character on a deeper level.
    He also gave a great performance in Solitary, Collision, Enter 77 and The Economist and with his character being one of the Oceanic 6, here's hoping he will have plently of episodes to come.
  • Conqueror

    Conquistador: Naveen Andrews. Llegó de quién sabe dónde para brindarnos sus buenas actuaciones y apoderarse de nuestra capacidad de estar adelante del televisor diciendo: "Esto no se lo cree nadie". Lleno de carisma, hace de Sayid un personaje entrañable a pesar de su historia negra. Lo moldea a su manera tan dulce y encantadora, hace adorable un hombre de guerra. Por ahora es de todo de lo que puedo hablar, de su actuación en Lost. Espero seguir viéndolo y espiando como hace para actuar tan bien un personaje tan difícil.Supongo que es así en la vida real: encantador y fácil de llevar.
    Naveen Andrews: Conqueror of souls.
  • Amazingly talented.

    Naveen William Sidney Andrews plays a character named Sayid Jarrah on the television show Lost. Lost bacame a hit show straight after it started, keeping viewers hooked, and they couldnt have done it without the leading actors. Naveen plays a very important role in my eyes, he plays the character named Sayid, Sayid is a very "staunch" character, and has a huge aura that surrounds him in the show, as he was a former torturer before he landed on the island. I have never thought the same of him since that episode we found out.

    Sayid has been on since season 1 and right up till now he has astounded me in the character he is, which couldnt have been done without the actor Naveen, brilliant actor playing a brilliant role in a brilliant show!
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    His role on Lost is far too little for someone with as much talent as he has. His role on the show is sort of a mini leader, someone that never really steps up and takes the lead for a group of people but will do things by himself that really get everyones atttention later on (Season 1 going to find Danielle) I think that Season 1 he showed up a lot and I thought that was good, he wasnt written into the script as much in Season 2 and 3 which I thought was kind of a downer. I think that Lost is just that much better with him and I think his backstory is one of the more interesting ones on the show.
  • This guy can act!

    Naveen Andrews is, in my opinion, one of the best actors on the tv show LOST. He does an excellent job with his character Sayid Jarrah. I don't think I could imagine anyone else playing Sayid. The way he plays Sayid is just awesome. He makes him seem so dark and mysterious. And smart and intelligent. There's another thing that I think is really cool about Naveen Andrews. He's British and you can tell by his real accent that he is British. But for his role as Sayid he puts on an Iraqi accent. It sounds pretty real to me. I was surprised when I found out that he wasn't really Iraqi. Naveen may have done some bad things in his life, but he seems like a good person now. He's extremely talented.
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    Naveen Andrews may not have the most talent and experience out of all the cast in Lost but he certantly pulled of his interesting and partialially dangerous character very very well. I know that in season 1, his character had a big part but I hope that for the rest of the show he has a big part.
  • Hardiest part on lost by far!

    What a great role to play, Naveen Andrews is such a great person to play it also! This happens to be one of the hardiest parts to play in all of lost! He has to be so serious because he use to have to torture people for a living in the show and he has to live with it! How can not that be a hard part to play! He has to be on his top game to play his part and I haven't seen him not! Although he hasn't been on lost that much lately I have always recognized him as one of my favorite actors and I can not wait until his role in lost comes back so I can see more of him!
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    Naveen pulls off the character of "Sayid" on "Lost" with such an amazing bravado. His fantastic acting allows you to really see the pain that his character has suffered throughout his life yet at the same time, how much patience his life has taught him.
  • Naveen is great.

    Naveen Andrews makes a fantastic performance on "Lost". He simply knows how to reach out to the audience. As far as i know he's not hooked with another show or movie right now. Trusted sources say that Naveen has been offered a role in R.Rodriguez upcoming horror movie "Planet Terror".
    It's great to see that his name is growing in the showbiz.
    And i think he's going to do great in his part of "Planet Terror".

  • Favorite Lost character, and that\'s saying a lot!

    I love Naveen\'s character on Lost. Although he\'s often in the backround, and not one of the more dramatic characters, I like him for those reasons, and because he\'s one of most reliable, fair, and likeable people on the island. Likeable might be the wrong word, because he doesn\'t just do what others want him to do. Maybe admirable is a better word. I\'ve never seen Naveen Andrews act before this show, so I can\'t compare, but I am impressed so far!
  • Naveen is so lovely. His character is so caring with a dangerous past. Just the right mixture!

    Naveen is so lovely. His character is so caring with a dangerous past. Just the right mixture! He's always one to help out in a situation but still keeps that mystery about him. Plus, he is so good looking and very cool!! I live in England so the second series of Lost hasn't come out yet but I can't wait for it to air over here! The first series was so good! Who are the others!? :-O
  • I think Naveen is the most handsome man i ever seen. He is atractive and a very good actor. The first time I saw him was in \"The english patient\" and I was looking for him without success until I found him in lost. I\'m in love wiht him. Liliana

    I think Naveen is the most handsome man i ever seen. He is atractive and a very good actor. The first time I saw him was in \"The english patient\" and I was looking for him without success until I found him in lost. I\'m in love wiht him because he has very beautiful eyes and a lovely voice. I hope he could appear in more tv shows or films. Liliana Velazquez. Mexico
  • talented

    Naveen is Gorgous extremely talented and sadly undrused thisseason, Sayid is among the most interesting Charedters on LOST, his background, the way the have devolped the charecter, his deep love and deep loss have marked this season, and I hope that the 2nd half features him a lot more, I hhaven't been lucky enough to see many othe roles but I look forward to finding them
  • If you are a fan of Mr. Andrews, check out the second “Mighty Joe Young”, although he turns greedy later in the movie.

    If you are a fan of Mr. Andrews, check out the second “Mighty Joe Young”, although he turns greedy later in the movie. I think his character on “Lost” has done good things for humanizing middle easterners. Somehow his characterization makes me feel good about being American(?). This 100 word limit sucks, I don’t have that much to say.

    Naveen... Talented, and takes the role seriously. He saved Locke's life in an episode i don't remember which one it was but it was not long after Boone died. I can't believe that there is actually English actors in the cast i thought it was mainly America, Canada and Australia. Just finding out they're from europe's good enough for me since there aren't many of these really big popular stars from Britain is there?

    I was quite glad when Shannon split up with him because i think that her characters a right cow! When Sayid started to hang out with her i thought... Oh great... Army commander wants to hook up with slag! I loved the one where they tortured Sawyer and when he finds the wire after and gets caught in traps. When that thing went into Sawyers fingers i admit that i had to cringe. But when Sayid was being tortured i actually thought that they could have actually been torturing him cos it was so realistic!

    Sayid is one of the more logical characters i think. Along with Loccke and Jack the three are probably the main leaders of the group... Naveens an amazing actor and can't wait to see what pain he brings next series...
  • Sayid jest super, to fajna postac, niejdnoznaczna, z fatalna przeszloscia i z odwaga patrzaca w przyszlosc

    Aktor ten jest zabojczo przystojny, choc zadziwnia mnie informacja o indianskim pochodzeniu, a moze to hinduskie pochodzenie bardziej. Fajnie wygladali z blondyna jako para, bo Charli z ciezarna to para patalachow, a ci sa bardzo seksowni. Bede trzymac kciuki zeby mu wyszlo z ta blondyna, choc to zla kobieta hehe ale on najwyrazniej jak kazdy ciemniejszy gutuje w bialaskach
  • Naveen Andrews is awsome he rocks would love to see more of him on tv and movies. I think it's deffernt that he and his teacher are in love or lving together but hey of they are happy he over 18 now.

    I don't agree that he moved in with his teacher at age 16 but if they are happy I guess that is all the matters and good to their son. If he ever leaves her I would hook up with him hehe. I would like to naveen on more moves and tv shows I think he is great actor and person. I WOULD also like to see the tv shows and moves that he has done too. I hope to see more of him. I love Sayid on the show i HOPE they keep him around more and find him love and explore his chart too
  • Why don't more people love Sayid, who is the cool Iraqi soldier that is used to torturing other people for their secrets?

    Why don't more people love Sayid, who is the cool Iraqi soldier that is used to torturing other people for their secrets? He was in the Republican Guard during the Gulf War, and tortured people for information, that would prove vital to his own leaders and government.
    Sayid tried to broadcast a distress signal so he and the other survivor's could be rescued, but he was not successful. He always tries to find out more about the island. Another example would be him deciphering maps he found at the French woman's place. He knows there are secrets to be found out about the island, and he wants to do what he can to figure them out and find a way off the, as Shannon called it, "craphole" island.
    Sayid tortured Sawyer for information on where the inhaler was for Shannon's asthma. But Sawyer eventually said he didn't have it.
    Sayid has always loved Nadia, a woman he grew up with and used to play with as a child. But when she was brought in for interrogation, Sayid could simply not do it, and instead of torturing her he would bring her food and show her care. Sayid was told to kill Nadia for not providing any valuable information to the Iraqis, but instead he let her escape. However, Sayid now believes her dead.
    Sayid was taken prisoner by the French woman, Rousseau, who told him about the fact she killed all the other people she came on the island with 16 years ago. She mentioned something about them catching a disease from "the others". Sayid brought this information and her maps back with him to the other survivors.
    Sayid started having a relationship with Shannon, and the two became inseperable. They would do everything together and as Sayid said to Boone, "It is very possible that me and your sister will become more than friends." Then we saw Sayid and Shannon kiss for the first time.
    Sayid is one of the coolest characters, and should be loved by more people. He has a soldier's past, and he is brilliant with devices and mostly anything. I am excited to find out more about him.
    Season 1(9.5)