Navi Rawat

Navi Rawat


6/5/1977, Malibu, California, USA

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Navlata Rawat


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Navi was born June 5, 1977 in Malibu, California. She is an American actress. After graduating she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Quickly she found a manager and did some smaller jobs. In 2003 she got her first big break when she landed the role of…more


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    • Navi: (about the comedy Wanted Undead or Alive) I had fun doing it. The movie is quite funny, and I have never really done any full-on comedy. I worked with [ex-SNL star] Chris Kattan, and I think it brought out a much more comic side to me, which was fun.

    • Navi: (about her character Amita) She is much more even and level-headed than I am. I am a little more erratic.

    • Navi: (about the show Numb3rs) I always thought it was an interesting idea but it's very hard to predict what people are going to respond to. I think we were fortunate when we did premiere because shortly after that came a whole wave of soap opera kind of shows. I think ours is one of the last few that is not of that genre.

    • Navi: (about The O.C.) There is so much information out there about safe sex and so many forms of birth control that I hope kids who watch the show will take it to heart and see how difficult it is for these characters to deal with this pregnancy and how it affects everyone around them as well.

    • Navi: (about The O.C.) Insofar as the issue of teen pregnancy was depicted in the show, you see two people who absolutely did not make the best choices and who were not responsible about having sexual intercourse.

    • Navi: (about Teen pregnancy) It is definitely not something I could see happening to me.

    • Navi: I can't believe I don't have a date for tonight and I look so hot!

    • Navi: (about her role on the show 24) A lot of good things came from being in a show that was so hot.

    • Navi: (about how you seduce a man) It's the way you look at him with your eyes.

    • Navi: (what she does when she's between jobs) I go to the gym quite a bit, I work on my exercises and I study with a voice coach. I read books.

    • Navi: I love Anthony Hopkins and Gary Oldman.

    • Navi: (about Kate Winslet) I really, really like her.

    • Navi: (about her multi-ethnic background) I don't see it as something that sets me apart in a negative way at all. It's not something where I feel different from everybody else. I think it's something positive: It makes me interesting, makes me separate. And we now have a very diverse society.

    • Navi: (about the film The House of Sand and Fog) It was wonderful. I had a great time working on that part.

    • Navi: When you're young, you have this idea that you're invincible and nothing can happen to you. But that is not how life is.

    • Navi: I am extremely responsible.

    • Navi: (about her character Theresa Diaz on the O.C.) Personally, it was really difficult for me to portray this character and her lack of precaution,
      because I feel so strongly about protecting yourself not only from pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases.

    • Navi: Love yourself and take care of yourself and be responsible.

    • Navi: I had a very strong family that guided and supported me. We talked at home about sex. It was not something that was left unsaid. You have to have an honest dialogue with your kids. Just saying 'no' is not enough. Kids need information so they can make good decisions.

    • Navi: (about Indian writers) I like the way that they look at a foreigner in a foreign land, trying to exist and fit in America.

    • Navi: Having the chance to help to educate people about the importance of math through the character of Amita makes my job even more rewarding.

    • Navi: When I was younger I could speak a little Hindi, and I know a little bit of French.

    • Navi: I actually do like a lot of Indian writers.

    • Navi: Being sexy didn't get you A's.

    • Navi: NYU is private school and expensive, I figured I should get the most out of it that I could.

    • Navi: I like English actors; I don't know if I have an affinity from living there, or studying English literature in college.

    • Navi: We definitely celebrate some Indian holidays. And there definitely is a very kind of European influence in my life.

    • Navi: I'm so glad that I didn't only study acting.

    • Navi: (about her character Amita) Clear, grounded, professional, and all about work.

    • Navi: You seduce a man with your gestures.

    • Navi: I feel very fortunate, I've been exposed to a lot of different cultures. If I wasn't from a multi-ethnic background, I wouldn't have had these great experiences. And one of the things that makes me a good actor is life experience.

    • Navi: My favorite scene on Numb3rs was when Charlie goes to kiss Amita and she stops him and leaves. David and I are friends, which I think translates to great chemistry on screen.

    • Navi: I'm actually kind of sensitive.

    • Navi: I like to do physical stuff, roles where I can fight and get things done.

    • Navi: Prior to being actor, I wanted to be a writer.

    • Navi: I'm a bit of a wuss, somehow people find me credible in parts that are tough.

    • Navi: I love Ben Kingsley, he's an incredible actor.

    • Navi: I just seem to get cast in parts like that [in action movies].

    • Navi: As an actor, it's good to have a knowledge of different time periods.

    • Navi: (about Ben Kingsley) I was just giddy over that fact that I got to work with him.

    • Navi: In a perfect world I would do those kinds of roles-I don't even care about the money.

    • Navi: If I take any kind of extended vacation, it's really hard for me to get back. And inevitably, something always comes up. I find it really difficult, but I'd rather work, to be honest.

    • Navi: I like roles that have complicated parts, and lots of things going on with the character.

    • Navi: I'd rather do something dramatic than something that's more an action-adventure type of thing.

    • Navi: Ben Kingsley's father is Indian, so we talked about that.

    • Navi: Since I first started acting, I've found [her ethnicity] to be beneficial instead of something to overcome.

    • Navi: (about her role on Numb3rs) They specifically wanted someone who was ethnic in that part. They were initially interested in Indian actresses, someone whose family was traditionally Indian but who grew up in the States.

    • Navi: It was different when I was growing up, but it's all fine now.

    • Navi: I went to a school where all the kids were Caucasian and made fun of me for my skin color.

    • Navi: I was in an audition with all girls who were blonde.

    • Navi: (about her ethnicity) I definitely struggled with that when I was younger, trying to fit in.

    • Navi: I'm not too worried about typecasting at this point.

    • Navi: Sorry, I was at the grocery store, and I didn't want to just start talking about myself in there.

    • Navi: It was great working with Shohreh Aghdashloo and Ben Kingsley.

    • Navi: (about American Idol) I like Simon's brutal honesty. I've watched it from the very beginning.

  • Wonderful person and great actress.

    I think that Navi is a very talented actress, I think she makes her characters very believable and that's of course a thing you strive for as an actress. I had seen her before Numb3rs, but it was because of her role in this show that I really started to appreciate her talents, and I have to say her beauty. I like the fact that she comes from different cultures, I think it just gives her something extra. To me she comes across as down to earth and just a really nice person.

    I think she's a great person, but above all she's an amazing actress.moreless
  • I haven't seen Navi Rawat a lot, just in The O.C. and Numb3rs. I didn't see her in 24 even though she was in it.

    I haven't seen Navi Rawat a lot, just in The O.C. and Numb3rs. I didn't see her in 24 even though she was in it - which I guess a crappy review for her as I do watch each and every ep of the show as it is one of my favorites.

    Anyways. Navi Rawat has a certain cool over her. She seems to be a person in control of herself fully, atleast when she's on screen, and this gives her character a powerful feel.

    So far I've seen her play very many parts, but am looking forward to do so. The fact that people think she is hot seems to be the core of the posts I've read so far, and yes she is. But combined with the cool I talked about earlier might give her an edge? The future will tell.