Naya Rivera





1/12/1987 , Valencia, California, United States

Birth Name

Naya Marie Rivera




Naya Rivera has been performing since the tender age of four. Her career began in 1991, after being cast as a series regular alongside the late Redd Foxx in the hit television show, The Royal Family. From the The Royal Family, Naya next went on to guest star on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Baywatch, followed by numerous guest star roles on hit shows such as Smart Guy, The Jersey,and The Sinbad Show, followed by two major recurring roles: one with Jaleel White on Family Matters and the other with Bernie Mac on the Bernie Mac Show.

This young star's resume covers all aspects of the entertainment industry from drama to comedy. Moving into her teen years, Naya booked a series regular role on a teen talk show Pajamarama, which enabled Naya to interview people such as Jon Voight, B2K and Shia LeBeouf. The show also allowed Naya to shine with her beautiful voice. Currently, Naya can be seen on the hit TV show, Glee which airs on FOX in the U.S. She plays cheerleader Santana Lopez, where she can showcase her acting ability as well as her amazing vocals.

Even with all of this hard work, nothing has stopped Naya from fulfilling her dreams. Naya has expressed an interest in signing a record deal and recording her own album. She has been songwriting since she was a teenager and singing even longer than that. Naya has also modeled since she was young, making her true triple threat in today's entrainment industry. Her acting endeavors, amazing voice and beautiful looks make her truly unforgettable.

Naya also supports several philantropic causes such as AIDS Research and helping the homeless.