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    • Naya: My passion for music is one of my greatest loves. I don't think I would be able to live without music in my life. I listen to absolutely everything and sing all the time. I love to write because it's such a release. It's very therapeutic when I sing and it makes me feel like I'm escaping for a while. I started singing when I was three. My favorite things to perform for my family was Paula Abdul and Michael Jackson's leave me alone. I had a little kid piano that my dad would play notes on while I made up lyrics and sang along. I love how different songs can make you feel different things and take you to different memories in your life. I still currently record things in the studio and write in my free time. I would love to release my own album someday and work with some of the artists that I admire most. I can die happy when that happens haha. I just love performing all together, and music is just one of the outlets that I use.