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    • Nazneen: I've never really known how to identify myself.

    • Nazneen: (About 24 and her character) There's no other show on television that's as compelling in the writing and the fact that it takes place in real time is a very smart gimmick on the producers' behalf. My character is a very slow burn but I have some fantastic story from it.

    • Nazneen: (About her career move) After The Border, I went to LA again. I wanted to try it. I thought the timing was right. I could take everything I had and kind of jump in with both feet in Los Angeles.

    • Nazneen: (About Anil Kapoor) He is such a treat to work with. Not only that you're on the floor with a star who's been in more than 100 films and knows how to work the camera like nobody's business - it's a learning experience. But there's also a cultural aspect to it because he's the George Clooney of India and it's his first time doing American TV.

    • Nazneen: (About playing on 24) Because I'm a recurring character, I don't even know if I'm going to be in the next episode or not but it just so happens, every time I get a script, I'm in it. They do say, if you are going to die, they call you beforehand.

    • Nazneen: (Describing how the writers of 24 develop the script) I know nothing about what's going to happen. They just sort of fly by seat of their pants and are inspired by what happens in the world and what happens on the set.

    • Nazneen: (On her acting career) I had the best job in Canada. And now I have the best job in America.