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  • Good dancer and singer.

    Like him a lot. Stays out of trouble.
  • So extremely talented


    Ne-Yo is one of my favorite singers. There are so many Ne-Yo songs that inspire me and touch me, so many songs that I can identify with. Ne-Yo writes songs for other artists as well and most of them are great songs. You can't help but identify with the song even though you might not like the artist who is singing it. (For example, Irreplaceable by Beyonce. I can't stand her and I've only heard that song a couple of times but the lyrics are true to real relationships).

    Ne-Yo does sexy extremely well, as well as funny, cool, angry, upset etc. He cancapture the essence ofpeople's relationships so perfectly in a song that you feel that he is talking about you. He can be sexy without being raunchy or over-the-top. He is very soulful.

    I love Ne-Yo's voice. It's unique and smooth. Ne-Yo can change the tone and pitch of his voice and he sounds great on a slow jam or an upbeat song. Whether it's R&B, hip-hop or pop, his voice is always ready for the occasion.

    Ne-Yo is also a decent actor. I've only seen him in a few roles but he was good and I believe he can get better. He did well in the roles that he's had so far. I expect great movie roles from him in the future.

    Ne-Yo is one of my favorite artists and all of his albums are classics. He is a great talent and the music world wouldn't be right without him in it.

  • He is Amazing!!!

    Neyo is an amazing songwriter and singer. His real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith. He been a couple of movies and tv shows but i have not seen his acting yet. He has a really good voice and write a lot of good songs. He has written songs for Beyonce, Rihanna, Corbin Bleu, Christina Millian, Mario and many more. Some of his songs that i like are So Sick, Sexy Love, and Because of You. He seems really down to earth too. I hope to see him singing and song writing in the future. Keep up the good work Neyo!
  • Ne-Yo is one of the best!

    Ne-Yo makes such great music!! I love his songs!! He is soo amaizing. His voice is soooo great! I love it. Ne-Yo makes really good songs. I like almost off of his songs. I like, Can We Chill, Do You, So Sick, Because of you, Sexy Love and all of his other songs! He makes such good songs! Ne-Yo is a phenominal song writer. I love the way he writes songs. He wrote hits for a lot of other artists too like Beyonce, Paula DeAnda, and other sensations. He wrote the song "Irreplaceable" and that was a number one!! Ne-YO was famous before he became famous in a way.
  • good musician

    me personaly like him wayy better then chris brown. he can sing, he writes his own songs, and wrote other artist's music. yea he sure does have alot of talent, he's really one of my favorites. there should never be a Ne-yo vs. chris brown competetion cause we al know he's the best,lol. Go ne-yo!!!