Ned Beatty





7/6/1937 , Louisville, Kentucky

Birth Name

Ned Thomas Beatty




Ned Beatty was born Ned Thomas Beatty on July 6, 1937 in Louisville, Kentucky. He started performing at age ten singing in a barber shop quartet and a gospel quartet. Later, he went on to have performances at the Barter Theater, the Erie Playhouse, the Playhouse Theatre, and the Arena Stage Company. He's even been part of Shakespeare in Central Park. His first major motion picture was Deliverance in 1972, playing the role of Bobby alongside actors John Voight and Burt Reynolds. It is the role he is best known for playing. Ned has been in over 160 acting roles, thus far. He's been nominated for an Academy Award for the 1976 Network movie, a Golden Globe nomination for the 1991 Hear My Song, an Emmy nomination for the 1979 TV Friendly Fire and the 1990 Last Train Home. Ned has been married to Walta Abbott, Belinda Beatty, Dorothy Tinker Lindsey, and Sandra Johnson. He has eight children.