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Nedra Volz

Nedra Volz


6/18/1908, Montrose, Iowa



Birth Name

Nedra Gordonier


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  • She was a very good actress.

    I liked her most as Ms. Tizdale on the Dukes of Hazzard. She would always ask people for to take a number. She was in love with Uncle Jesse an old friend of hers. She could drive a motorcycle with the best of them. I also liked her very much on the 'Hart to Hart' epsiode called 'Heartshaped Hearts' where she played a elderly lady who made choclates. She also owned a lot of clocks and had a very dishonest son. She also turned out to be a spy at the end same as her son. She was very good in any part she played. She was funny and witty. And very able bodied for her size. She will be sorely missed.moreless
  • I would just like to add that no matter waht anyone says...Nedra did indeed have 3 children...not two. Barbara Volz is the one never accounted for because she disowned her! PLEASE make sure this is added in the biography! thank you!moreless

    She was a wonderful actress, yes. But when it came to family she was not a wonderful person. disowned my grandma and my side of the family. I would like to add that she is a very rude and nasty person who could\'ve been there for my grandmother when she died. thank you.