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  • This guy is one to keep an eye out for. Queeen (yes it is three E's!) and Urban Sports were hilarious! Can't wait for his next project! has all the sick clips you need!

    There's a line from a Futurama episode (Anthology of Interest) "You watched it! You can't Un-watch it!". This guys the same stuff - if you're Aussie and like sketch show stuff, you'll like this. don;t know about you, but I miss the days of fast forward, d-gen, full frontal and the comedy show etc etc etc, so check this out.
    once you've seen Neg, you won't forget (at least the name 'Neg Dupree' should stick in your head).
    it's about time a new breed of smarter prank-monkey style sketch comedians arose. Johhny Knoxville might be daring, but he doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. we need people who can write comedy and who have some acting talent (hey, if he can get a cameo in a movie with Uma....).
    We need more good TV. Pity he's not working here down under, cause it's the sort of stuff larrikin's dreams are made of.