Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn


11/13/1960, Waukegan, Illinois

Birth Name

Neil Richard Flynn



Also Known As

Neal Flynn
  • Neil Flynn on The Middle season 3.
  •   Neil Flynn as Mike on The Middle.
  • Neil Flynn as Mike on The Middle.
  • Neil Flynn as Mike on The Middle.
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Born in 1960 as one of the six children in his family, Neil grew up only acting in a few school plays. But the idea of acting for a living wasn't a thought that hit him before he was almost ready to graduate from college.

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    • Neil: (On why fans keep watching Scrubs after all these years) That is a mystery. No, not really. I think because we've tried to maintain a level of high quality. We aren't just going through the motions, at this point. We're trying to let the show evolve and keep the humor sharp. I think the show does a good job of combining amusing farcical and sincere moments. I like that in shows that I watch so I am not surprised that many people like that about this show.

    • Neil: (On why he thinks his character tortures J.D.) One thing, I think, is probably The Janitor would be bored. I think he's fighting off boredom by seeking out a nemesis among the young doctors. As The Janitor said in one episode, "I only have about an hour of work to do a day and the rest of the time I stalk you." If there is any real animosity there, I think it is sort of a class warfare thing, blue collar versus white collar. Maybe The Janitor resents, what he perceives, as people of the privileged class. I think some people assume that all doctors grew up and never had to work for a living and so on.

    • Neil: (About his character the Janitor)I don't think we know that we know anything about The Janitor. The man lies. If you recall once, the man pretended to be his own brother. That, of course, was a lie. I think it is just to liven up the day, just to have something to do. As far as the name, I don't know if we'll ever find out his name. I like that he doesn't have a name. I think he might have said his name, I am not sure. Dr. Jan Itor is not his name. Maybe I'll say that I know his name and it hasn't been revealed yet. There are a couple of things that people tend to talk about in the chat rooms and websites that his name might be Neil Flynn because of The Fugitive episode, but that is not it. It was just something to do in one episode. His name is not Neil Flynn and it is not Dr. Jan Itor.

    • Neil: (On meeting and acting with Dick Van Dyke) He was kind of a hero of mine growing up, even before I knew I was going to try and be an actor. He was my favorite performer when I was a kid. So, I guess he was kind of an inspiration to me. It was a real thrill to meet him. I think in the episode that he did that there is a moment when we're on the screen at the same time. As corny as that sounds, it felt like an achievement to me to go from the kid watching him on TV to the man standing next to him on the TV. I wasn't nervous, but that's probably because he is such a nice man. I was more excited than nervous.

    • Neil: (On what he would say to his fans) I would say that is so difficult to get a show on the air and keep it there that you have to be grateful to the people who watch it regularly. Without the devotion of the fans, even the highest quality show won't stay on the air. So, I am very appreciative and thankful to the people who have stuck with Scrubs.

    • Neil: (About his home) I'm not much of a decorator, so I'd describe the place so far as somewhere between a bachelor's pad and a kid's fort.

    • Neil: (On Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) It was cool to have a scene with Harrison Ford. I'm not sure everyone will recognize me. I knew it was a small part going in, but it was even smaller than I remembered.

    • Neil: (About his role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) It's very cool to be in a big movie like this. It's kind of a culturally iconic film. It's like being in one of the Star Wars movies.

    • Neil: (after his show Scrubs moved to ABC in 2008 ) It's all good news. ABC has owned us all along, so I think it may be treated better by its biological parent.

    • Neil: I've never had an encounter with a janitor who recognized me. Come to think of it, at work maybe they're wondering why I'm not pitching in a little bit more. I have had a couple times where I'm in a shopping mall or a movie theater or something and I see that door with 'Janitor' on it and for a moment I feel like I'm welcome to wander on in. I've never actually done it though. Maybe I should try it. I'm curious as to how I'll be treated the next time I'm in a hospital, if that will ever come up.

    • Neil: (About his favorite moment in TV history) I'd go with something from The Dick Van Dyke Show or Monty Python. That's as specific as I can get.

    • Neil: (on the final season of Scrubs) The advantage we have of knowing when the curtain is going to come down is that we can time our exit and plan for closure for ourselves, the characters and the audience. So I think we will be able to wrap it up so that everyone's satisfied: the creators, the actors and the audience. I think the writers have done a great job all along of keeping the supporting characters visible and familiar to the audience. I don't think that the weight will be distributed too far in favor of the leads. I think they'll continue to use the secondary characters to their best advantage.

  • Great as Mike on "The Middle".

    Great actor.
  • Neil's hero is Dick Van Dyke and Neil is my Dick Van Dyke

    Neil is such a good actor. He can be extremely silly and funny, but he can also be dramatic and emotional. When I think of improv, I think of Neil. He's a beast on the stage! Neil is a great singer who suprisingly has never been on Broadway. He's a master of comic relief on "Scrubs," and my personal favorite character. My favorite movie that he appeared in is "Mean Girls." He's a great dad on the screen, even though he doesn't have any children in real life.

    It's easy to respect this actor. He stays out of the tabloids and plays on a local softball team. I love that he doesn't think he is better than he is (even though he is amazing!). Plus, on "Scrubs," he has worn the same Maintenance uniform in pretty much every scene for seven years now!

    To sum up this long review, Neil is great at everything he tries, except golf, according to Robert Maschio. :)moreless