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Neil Henry

Neil Henry


New Jersey

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Neil Henry


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Neil Henry, born in New Jersey (yes, he's American!) in 1983, moved with his family as a young child to Hitchen, a village in the province of Hertfordshire, England. Neil's first major debut in television was the role "Beans", the vampire/student at the Oaks school in the show…more


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  • GOD.

    Neil Henry is the best actor. His character Beans from the tv show 24seven is the best character on any tv show. This guy is probally the coolest person in the world. He is very talented and can play guitar and piano well. His character in 24seven is so unique and awesome. I watched the episodes from season one a few weeks ago and his character is amazing. I sucks really bad that he is not in any show here in USA. They should have never cancelled 24seven. That show was too good. The two seasons that were made were amazing.moreless