Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson


3/5/1976, Luton, Bedfordshire, England, UK

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Neil Jackson


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Neil Jackson was born in 1976 on the 5th of March in Luton, England. At the age of eighteen he moved to Cardiff to study a sports degree. During his studies at Cardiff, Neil boxed both for his college and for Wales, winning the British Universities Championship twice.…more


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    • Neil: I've just completed a feature called "The Passage" with Stephen Dorff. It's a thriller shot in Morocco that I wrote about a year ago

    • Neil (talking about what is was like working on the set of "Stargate SG-1"): I had a blast on that show. Khalek was so wonderfully evil to play that I enjoyed every minute of it. There was no humanity to him at all, no regret or consequence. And the guys were so friendly and helpful, making me feel instantly at home. It was a pleasure.

    • Neil (talking about his funniest moment on the set of "Blade: The Series"): during the first Marcus/Krista sex scene after he's just killed Damek. Jill had laid me on the bed and was doing her thing. She had to unbutton my shirt and lick the wound. So she unbuttons, the camera solely on her face, her reactions. She pulls loose another button, and another... then pauses. I had stuck a pair of fake breast to my chest. It was one of those, had to be there moments!

    • Neil (On the "Blade" movies): I didn't know anything about Blade before the films came out. I followed Wesley Snipes' career a bit because I used to do martial arts as a kid.

    • Neil (On his "Blade: The Series" character Marcus): He's a very civilized and sophisticated so he's a drinks out of a chalice type vampire. You never actually see him feeding on a neck and doing all that dirty stuff. The minions do that for him. Somebody else makes the kill and pours the blood into a nice cup for him to sip.

    • Neil Jackson: Immortality lies in the hearts of others, to live forever is to be remembered...

    • Neil Jackson: I realized the only time I was really happy was when I was acting.

    • (Speaking of the movie Alexander (2004))
      Reporter: Would you do something of this scale again?
      Neil Jackson: I'd love to. Yeah, at the drop of a hat. The friends that I've made as a result of it, all the guys that were in the movie and the crew and the cast, we're still good friends. I went to one of their weddings. We stay in contact all the time. So that alone would make me want to do it again.

    • Reporter: Were you ever a comic book fan?
      Neil Jackson: Not really. I was always a cartoon fan. I loved the X-Men cartoons, loved the Spider-Man cartoons and the Batman cartoons. I loved the live action series of Spider-Man, always a big fan of the Batman. I grew up with that stuff and on into my early 20s.

    • Reporter: How much contact did you have with David Goyer?
      Neil Jackson: A lot because he was around was shooting a movie, called The Invisible, in Vancouver when we were there shooting the pilot.

    • Reporter: I read that you're a boxing champ too.
      Neil Jackson: Yeah, I boxed years ago. I had my last fight seven years ago. It has helped. As I said, Marcus doesn't get physical. He has henchmen and minions to do that.

    • Reporter: Were you a fan of the Blade films?
      Neil Jackson: I loved them. I didn't know anything about Blade before the films came out.

    • Reporter: Why do British guys always play evil vampires?
      Neil Jackson: I have no f-ing idea. If you want a literal answer, we have this stigma that we're well spoken and everything we say has a lyrical quality to it as opposed to the Americans.

  • neil plays one of the hottest vampires i've ever seen!!!

    neil who plays marcus who i watch in the blade series is one of the most gorgeous people i have seen play a vampire and he does it while staying so cute. i've never seen him in any other shows but i hope he does more big shows after blade because he is a great actor and he is not bad to look at for an hour. even though he might be 32 years old he is one of my favorite male actors over thirty and he will be my favorite for a while as long as he is still cute and i hope he does more shows.moreless