Neil Kaplan





3/9/1967 , Bayonne, New Jersey, USA

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Neil Kaplan grew up in San Jose, California. He got his start as a comedian doing impressions of presidents such as Ronald Regan and Richard Nixon and as journalist Dan Rather. He then started voice over work on video games including Star Wars. From there he went on to do things such as Power Rangers, Digimon and Transformers: Robots in Disquise. His most famous voice is that of Hawkmon of Digimon. He will always be remembered for his great work in cartoons and comedies. His favorite role was the "utility guy" on a show called The Mouse and the Monster which aired on UPN back in 1996 and 1997. He played ghosts and Sappy the Clown among dozens of other characters. He played a variety of characters in every show, so every week was different showing his wide range.