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Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver


2/3/1971, Ayr,Scotland

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Neil Oliver


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Neil qualified as an archaeologist in 1988,though he has remarked that this was not the most financially rewarding of careers. In the mid-1990s he became a journalist and worked for The Scotsman, The Herald, The Guardian, The Edinburgh Evening News, The Evening Times, The Sun and The Daily…more


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  • Neil Oliver presents Coast and The History of Scotland.

    Neil Oliver is a professor at Glasgow University, he also presents Coast and The History of Scotland. He is the perfect teacher come instructor as he has a warm and friendly when presenting to camera. As a former pupil who detested history at school his methodology fascinates me. He brings history back to life makuing it so much more interesting. Coast is a programme which deals with the history, geology and natural history of the copastline of the British Isles - a fascinating programme. The History of Scotland is just that a history of Scotland. But living only about a hundred miles from the border I was brought up on stories of wild Scotsmen having to be kept out of England so the Romans built a wall! This programme brought alive by Neil paints not quite the same picture although they did seem to invade and be invaded regularly.moreless