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  • He is LEGEN- Wait for it- DARY!!! Spoilers if you haven't seen series 2 of How I Met Your Mother

    I first saw NPH in Dr. Horrible and was hoping that there would be a second season, as not only was he a fantastic singer, but also a brilliant actor, then my friend told me about him and his Legendary role in How I Met Your Mother, so I downloaded series 1, and loved then so I downloaded series 2 and it ended with him saying "It's going to be Legen- wait for it..." then it cut off, and I was annoyed as I don't have series 3 downloaded yet, needless to say it is on it's way, just my internet is slow, I'm hoping it does start with "-Dary" I'm hoping that (1) there will be more Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blogs *Rumours are flying around that there are plans* (2) he does a tour with singing or (3) he gets his own Barney Stinson show. I was shocked to read the other day (I'll hasten to add Shocked but not annoyed, I say fair play to him and I appreciate that he's been able to openly admit it and come out) that he was gay mind you this doesn't change my feelings about him, I still think he is as funny as 2 of my comedy idols (Matthew Perry and Jim Carrey) and wish him all the best in the future and that he carries on going from strength to strength he's started off well "Doogie Howser M.D." to now with his stint in HIMYM and the short-lived but good "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" he is definitely one to look for in the future and the under used talented co-star, let's hope he gets decent work for however long he acts for.