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  • I still love her

    I still love her her songs are beautiful angelic memories to me.
  • Such a talented young woman!

    Nelly Furtado is aweosme. Yes I do love her music. I am a 26-year-old lady from England, and I love the songs she sings. I do love "Promiscuous" a lot because it's a funny song, and it makes me laugh. Still, some of my favourite songs are "Say It Right" and her song from over half a decade ago, "I'm Like A Bird." I have been a Nelly Furtado fan since she started singing years ago. I have to say that her music has come a long way, and her style has changed a lot. I absolutely love her music. It always makes me smile.
  • Beautiful Talented Woman..great singer-song writer

    Nelly Furtado is one of the most Beautiful Singer-song writer i have ever known, i love her latest songs - Maneater, Promiscuous Girl, All Good Things and Say It Right, all of these being great hits on every music channels and radio stations.
    Nelly Furtado has produced some great songs in the years of being an artist. and all of them great hits!!!

    Man Eater cought my music taste and thrown the rest out of the door, then Promiscuous done the exact same, just pushing Man Eater aside, it is like Nelly has made sure that her songs stick with you. When i heard All Good Things on the radio, i didnt know it was Nelly, but then my friend had the CD Loose, and i heard it and realised it was her, and that was allready in my tastes anyway!, then Say it Right came in! i love that song now!

    i really do hope that Nelly releases some more really good songs, she is doing so great at the moment!
  • She is talented and really promiscuous.

    When Her 2000 debut's innocent hit, "Like a Bird," made Vancouver's barefoot hippie Nelly Furtado an international sensation. She was cute. She was likable. That was then. Now 27, Furtado is all grown up, having traded in her Patchouli and pigtails for high heels and a penchant for dirty dancing. This is the Rated "R" Nelly Furtado.

    The image trade-up is a big part of her third effort, "Loose." In its finest moments, the sexual energy on this album is undeniable. Producer Timbaland, whose work helped Justin Timberlake and Aaliyah become superstars, layers squirmy hooks atop dark rhythms that sound ripe for black lights, sweaty dance floors and blinking strobes. Opener "Afraid" is a classic I'm a Tough Chick anthem. "Glow" is deep boogie, with Furtado purring along to a croaky riff. "No Hay Igual" sees Furtado exploring her Latina roots with confidence.

    But the hit "Promiscuous" is clearly the centerpiece of this album. Nowhere does Furtado sound more comfortable in her new incarnation than on the flashy cut. Her energy pulsates with firecracker sexuality, with Timbaland playing the perfect foil to her licentious disco diva.

    Still, much of "Loose" just sounds bad--especially if you're older than, say, 14. "Maneater," a cousin to the Hall & Oates classic, is novel but uninspired, coming off as second-rate Gwen Stefani. The ballad "In God's Hands" must be a leftover from Furtado's hippie days. Lyrics have never been the singer's strength, and that is true on "Loose" too, with simple couplets popping up all over the place. "I know this is hard for you / I'm feeling it too," from "Wait For You," is one example. Then there's this from "Do It": "You're standing at the door / I'm falling to the floor." Whoa Nelly.

    Clearly, Nelly Furtado is capitalizing on her newly-discovered hotness. And these days it seems washboard abs and the right production team can give any bird new wings, albeit "Loose"
  • She really is Promiscious

    Nelly Furtado is one of my all time favourite singers. her change in musical direction is great - her album Loose is a really great album to listen to whilst driving or getting dressed in the morning. she is really down to earth and enjoys being with the general public. she isnt a diva and really demanding, she is polite and charming. she is now part of Timberland's Super-Team, along with Timberland and Justin Timberlake. her vocal talents on any song always tend to life the tune to higher grounds - such as 'Give It To Me'. over all a very talented woman.
  • you got to love her

    i love love love nelly she can sing i love all her songs she has such a amazing style and fashion and voice. i remember singing i am like a bird when i was a kid and i still love her songs my fav songs would have to be say it right and what i wanted and lately i cant stop listing to i am such a great song cant wait for her next album hopefully with some songs with timberland and justin cause they make such a good group i still listen to give it like everyday lol never gets old. also i think nelly should write a book cause i do like reading about celebs life's lol xterrix
  • empty

    Nelly Furtado is a new BIG pop singer. From the second I heard her first song "Promiscious" I loved it and I loved her. Then came "Maneater" and "Say It Right" and I am looking forward to what else is in store. I hope she makes many more albums as the world loves her, I love her and she sings beautiful music.
  • Nelly Furtado is taleted and beautiful!

    Nelly Furtado is such a good singer! Her songs are so fun to dance to, and fun to sing along to! I'm so glad that she came back with such a great song like Promiscuous Girl, I can't blame her, or anyone else. In her music videos, she shows some skin, but still looks like a lady! I hope that Nelly will stay even longer this time!
  • Maneater!

    Although, I didn't notice her with her former albums, I must say that she caught my eye with 'Loose'. First single 'Promiscuous' had a realy groovy rhytm and I lliked it, but I loved 'Maneater'.They werea HUGE summer hits. I've heard that Nelly made a new vidoe for some romantic song. It has to be good.
  • Promiscuous is a stupid, dumb, evil song.

    Promiscuous is a stupid, dumb, evil song. Maneater is even better! But she writes slutty songs that make her sound much worse than she is! She is pretty fabulous in the looks department, but her singing is ok. She is not very good with the songs she writes. She writes all these stupid songs and wrote better songs when she released the album Whoa Nelly. Timbaland is a better singer than her in the Promiscuous song and Maneater is better but that song is still really bad too! I don't like Nelly Furtado and she is really overrated in my eyes