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  • Beautiful Talented Woman..great singer-song writer

    Nelly Furtado is one of the most Beautiful Singer-song writer i have ever known, i love her latest songs - Maneater, Promiscuous Girl, All Good Things and Say It Right, all of these being great hits on every music channels and radio stations.
    Nelly Furtado has produced some great songs in the years of being an artist. and all of them great hits!!!

    Man Eater cought my music taste and thrown the rest out of the door, then Promiscuous done the exact same, just pushing Man Eater aside, it is like Nelly has made sure that her songs stick with you. When i heard All Good Things on the radio, i didnt know it was Nelly, but then my friend had the CD Loose, and i heard it and realised it was her, and that was allready in my tastes anyway!, then Say it Right came in! i love that song now!

    i really do hope that Nelly releases some more really good songs, she is doing so great at the moment!