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    • Nelly (on motherhood): It's just amazing, I'm so happy. Having the balance of a work life and a family life has been so good for me. And it's made me appreciate my job so much more. I go, "Oh wow, I'm lucky to have a career and to be able to provide for someone else for the first time in my life." When you have a child, you're forced to get on the ground with them and their toys and feel life in a different way. I think that's why my album has a youthful energy, because I was around her infectious two-year-old energy while I was recording.
      I'm privileged that I'm an artist. My schedule's not nine-to-five and I can travel with her most of the time and not feel like I'm missing out so much by being a working mother. It's nice too because being an artist is one of the things you can do from home. I love writing songs. In the future I'd love to just be at home, packing lunches and writing songs for other artists.