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  • Hot!

    I think Cornell Anthony Haynes, Jr A.K.A Nelly, is awesome. I love his music, a couple of my favourite songs by him are... Dilemma, Over and Over, Hot In Herre and My Place. I Also think that Nelly is a good actor, I have seen him in the film Longest Yard, I thought he did an awesome job in that film. I also think Nelly is very hot. All in all I cant wait until his new ablum comes out, because I'm going to get it. And I also cant wait to see him in more movies, because I really thing he is a good actor.
  • nelly is the best!

    i have known nelly since his first video, country grammar, and i still watch his videos today. i am in love with this guy because he is so talented and he makes really good songs, and he\'s really hot and really cute! my mom has his first cd and she doesnt normally listen to it. i have his recent cd, sweat, and he has some really good songs on there. my fave song is na-na-na-na..i love listening to that song. i think he sounds really good. i also like all of his videos. my fave video by him is iz u cuz i think its the scariest video he has made so far.
  • Another one of my favorite rappers.

    Nelly is my second favorite rapper compared to T.I., who is my numbha one fave. Some of my favorite songs by Nelly are Shake Ya Tailfeatha & Air Force Ones. I loved those songs. But, i hardly listen to rap anymore since i mostly listen to J-Pop and J-Rock. But, i still listen to rap from time to time.
  • I just want to say that I love Nelly every since I heard his music I he is my favorite artists I’m his #1 fan I would do anything to meet him I read everything about him I’m 21 years old I don’t look it but I am

    He is very talent, handsome, charming, outgoing, real and good looking person I know. He’s been though a lot and he just the type of person that keeps it real about what he been though to get where he at he been though up’s and down’s but he’s bless

  • Nelly is a GREAT singer/Actor! He is sooo hott! I hope Nelly has a very happy and prosperous life!! (even if it\'s without me) I wish him the best because he is the best! I love everything about him...I love his style of clothes and music and everything t

    Nelly is the best Singer/Rapper there is!! He is number one on my list! I Think he is also the hottest! okay i pretty much explained everything i like about nelly. I dont even know what else to say! He's PERFECT! thats why i give him a 10 on the scale!