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Nelson Aspen

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    • Nelson: After 30 years in the entertainment business, I know every hairstylist, florist, waiter, you name it. I don't pay for my information. I think that when you're buying gossip, you're encouraging fabrication or just out-and-out lying. Some of my best sources are from the gym world - trainers see it all!.

      - on where he gets his best celebrity stories.

    • Nelson: The Michael Jackson trial. The verdict announcement was coming in just as I was about to go to air for Sunrise, so I was live fro almost the entire three-hour show. It was live, it was exciting, it was breaking.

      - on the most interesting story he's reported on.

    • Nelson: They're squeaky clean. Mel does have a shopping problem, but she's got it increasingly under control. I'm becoming more and more like Kochie ever day (Nelson pats his newly shaved head)

      - about Sunrise co-stars Mel and Kochie.

    • Nelson: I was the biggest Lost fan in season one. On the plane ride here, I was using the lavatory and we hit a bunch of turbulence - and all I could think was, 'Charlie! Charlie!'

      - on a recent flight to Sydney.