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  • NeNe is the worse character on the show. She brings no value to the program.

    Without debate Nene was a poor choice to be on this show. She adds nothing positive to the show, she has no talent, no self respect, just a worthless place holder. In a time of change and positve image for Black Americans, NeNe sets it all back 50 years. How did she actually get cast for the show? The casting director should be terminated.
    NeNe is a typical example of a person whose only contribution is reproduction. If not for having a man with money to take care of her what other quality does she bring to the show. Surely the women of Atlanta is not this boring.
  • I love NeNe, she has the ability to keep it real, but still be able to stomp with the big dogs.If you feel she is "Ghetto" perhaps, you don't know a REAL HOOD.

    When Sheree dissed NeNe at her party, that was all handled so TACKY.All Sheree had to do was call her planner, and say "NeNe name was not on the list because, she had called her personally.Or, she could have had her Security apoligise to NeNe, and let THEM tell her her name was not on the list because she was a specially invited guest, and her name was on the V.I.P list. To say what Sheree said, and continue her party, knowing she had invited NeNe, and there was a mix-up, and to not correct it was CLASS-LESS.Kudo's to NeNe for not going postal at the door.I love her, Money, and Hood, is dangerous. NeNe get yourself some real Friends,with or without money. NeNe you are a role model.You continue to keep it real,unlike Some people who are waiting around MAN-LESS, and hands out waiting for a check,or living on another mans money. Do YOU.Do your plans.You, and your HUSBAND together, and do them.And, if they talk about you Girl they talked about JESUS!!!!!OK? Love you.P.S Business classes will help you in your next ventures. You can do them online, or in a college, and mentor at the same time simply by being there!!!!RIGHT!!!!!
  • NeNe Rocks: without her, there is no show.


    NeNe Leakes is the Real Housewives of Atlanta. she has an amazing personality which is why the show is a success, and she always keeps it real. SHe entertains, which is the pirpose of reality TV. Clearly people who says she adds no value is ignorant, and should not be watching reality TV in the first place. You go Nene. Fan 4 Life