Neve McIntosh





1/1/1972 , Paisley, Scotland

Birth Name

Neve McIntosh




Neve McIntosh grew up in Edinburgh, where she went to Boroughmuir High School. She moved to Glasgow to attend the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, after which she was in repertory companies at Perth and at The Little Theatre on the Island of Mull. She next played in a Glasgow stage production of The Trick is to Keep Breathing.

"I was just thinking that I'd had enough, when Psychos came along. You have very slow times when you are just going mad, waiting for the phone to ring. You take all sorts of terrible jobs because you can't stand being treated like dirt by the dole office. Then the luck happens, you are in the right place at the right time and a whole sequence of Fates come together."

Neve met her cameraman husband, Alex Sahle, while they were both working on Psychos. After a holiday in Japan they got married at Ayr in September, 1999, and now live in Tottenham, London.