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  • Trivia

    • The U.S. release of "Waiting for the Sirens' Call" was originally scheduled to include a different vocal mix of the track "Guilt Is a Useless Emotion."

    • New Order's single "Krafty", was inspired by the band Kraftwerk.

    • New Order has never been a band to shy away from technology, most notably in the area of digital recording.

    • In 1993, after a string of hugely successful albums and world tours, New Order went on what was reported as a temporary hiatus during several rumors of fighting amongst the band.

    • Critics and the evidence say Bernard Sumner's voice is better on the last two albums, than in the first ones.

    • In the 2006 return of the TV show Cracker, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris were in charge of the soundtrack.

    • Honours this band has received:
      *BRIT Award for Best Music Video, for True Faith (1988)
      *Mercury Music Prize shortlist, for Republic (1993)
      *NME Godlike Genius Award (2005)
      *UK Music Hall of Fame, both 'New Order' and 'Joy Division' (2005)
      *Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Song Collection (2006)

    • New Order is one of the few bands, who have many song titles, that have nothing to do with the actual song. Panic! At The Disco, or Gorillaz are other two examples.

    • In the movie Shaun Of The Dead, there's an scene where Shaun, the protagonist, is throwing records to a zombie. One of them was "Blue Monday".

    • Their biggest hit has been the single "Blue Monday", that comes in the original record from 1983: Power, Corruption & Lies.

    • For a short time, on their early days, they used a very special and democratic way to write the lyrics. Each member had to write a line, then pass it on.

    • In 1998, Orgy made a cover of "Blue Monday". Their version was later covered by Schizo.

    • Apart from New Order, Peter Hook formed Revenge, but it got separated after only one album, and a couple of EPs. So he got into Monaco, with David Potts. They released two albums.

    • They got separated for a while after they released Republic. Later, Bernard Sumner, along with Johnny Marr from The Smiths, founded Electronic.

    • Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert were about to start a project of their own, called "The Other Two," until New Order got back together to play in the Reading Festival, in 1998.

    • Their label belongs to Factory Records, property of Andy Wilson, a friend of the band.

    • They were part of the videogame FIFA 2005 soundtrack, with a radio-edited version of "Blue Monday"(3 minutes shorter than the original).

    • The albums they have released so far are:
      Movement(1981), Power, Corruption & Lies(1983), Low-Life(1985), Brotherhood(1986), Substance 1987(1987), Technique(1989), Republic(1993), Get Ready(2001), Waiting for the Sirens' Call(2005).

  • Quotes

    • Bernard Sumner: It's the heart and soul of New Order that's important. If something sounds like a pastiche, that's not good enough.

    • Bernard Sumner: It's quite a journey we've been on. We tend to just ramble on. It's hard to choose a starting point.

    • Bernard Sumner: The story of New Order is all about learning from our mistakes. I've been watching that series about Jamie Oliver setting up his restaurant and he's doing exactly what we did with the Hacienda. The similarities are amazing.

    • Bernard Sumner: One thing we've vowed never to do is repeat ourselves. In the Joy Division days, we weren't aware of such things as your typical verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus arrangement. We ended up with some really good songs because we were naive to all of that. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was a good example.

    • Peter Hook: (talking about Waiting for the Sirens' Call)If I'm gonna make any general statement about New Order's music, it would be that these days, it's much more layered and also very balanced. In the old days, it was a bit wilder, but now --I don't think smoothed out is the right phrase, but it's definitely polished.