Niall MacGinnis




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Niall MacGinnis was born in Dublin, on March 29, 1913. He attended Dublin University where he qualified to become a house surgeon. Niall was a prolific actor, but not known well outside of Europe. He started in films in 1935, not long after sound cinema became popular. One of his well-known roles was the protagonist in the film The Edge of the World, released in 1937. Niall also appeared in several war effort films such as 49th Parallel, released in 1942. Once he was stopped by the police and held in suspicion of being a German spy since a picture of him in costume from 49th Parallel was found in his wallet. He came to the US to appear in the Broadway show Caesar and Cleopatra in the early 50s. After retiring from film, he resumed his surgery practice. During his career, he appeared in over 80 on-screen performances. He passed away January 6, 1977 in Haverfordwest, Wales, from cancer complications.