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    • Nichelle Nichols: (about playing Uhura in Star Trek) It was unheard of. As a matter of fact, I really did not at first appreciate the magnitude of what he was doing. He never did anything without knowing what and why he was doing it, but I didn't really realize what he was accomplishing. Throughout the first season I was simply so affected by each script, each episode kept getting better and better and better and I thought, "Gene better be careful because they're going to cancel this show: it's too good." It was towards the end of the show and I was really considering leaving the show, for no other reason than I wanted to return to the theatre. I went in to talk to Gene - this was I was getting up nerve to tell him I was leaving the show, but at this point I went in and I said "Gene, I've been watching each of the episodes and they each get better and better" and I said, "And I discovered something: you're writing morality plays." And he said, "Shhh. They haven't figured it out yet."