Nicholas Bishop

Nicholas Bishop


Swindon, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Nicholas Bishop



Also Known As

Nic Bishop
  • Dana Delany, Nicholas Bishop, and John C...
  • Nicholas Bishop on Body of Proof season 2.
  • Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop on Body ...
  • Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop on Body ...
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Nicholas Bishop was born in England and moved to Canberra, Australia when he was 6 months old. He is most famous for his role as Detective Peter Baker on Home and Away.


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    • Nicholas: (on naming his daughter) We thought we were being different and really cool, and that it was quite a unique name. Then, after she was born, I found out that everyone under the sun is now calling their kid Ava! Apparently they did some poll recently to find out the top male and female names, and Ava is number five!

    • Nicholas: (on the best Christmas present he's ever received) I found out about two weeks before Christmas that I'd been accepted into NIDA. Even though it wasn't really a gift, it was a pretty amazing thing.

  • Nic is a great performer and so talented, I have seen so many different portrayals of his characters in both film and tv and all have excellent performances

    Nic Done a very strong and fantastic character in Home and Away as Detective Peter Baker. And there played the Detective handling stalking I think Pete should of stayed and of had a better go in the series . I have seen Nic in David in occasinal coarse language

    there was a comical side of Nic and it was excellant, and Walking on Water Nic Played the part of Frank and the character had so many wonderful and creative movements Nic's Role as Mick in the movie Occasional coarse Langague as the gorgeous surfee was also a fantastic Performancemoreless
  • mmmm detective baker is so damn gorgeous! I really would die just to kiss him!

    Detective Baker is sensibly romantic in home and away episodes. i think his role as a detective is a natural turn on because hes so hot!

    I have pictures of him all over my walls. Cos im a Detective Baker freak but im sure hes wayy hotter in his other australian films he starrs in!