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  • Nic is a great performer and so talented, I have seen so many different portrayals of his characters in both film and tv and all have excellent performances

    Nic Done a very strong and fantastic character in Home and Away as Detective Peter Baker. And there played the Detective handling stalking I think Pete should of stayed and of had a better go in the series . I have seen Nic in David in occasinal coarse language
    there was a comical side of Nic and it was excellant, and Walking on Water Nic Played the part of Frank and the character had so many wonderful and creative movements Nic's Role as Mick in the movie Occasional coarse Langague as the gorgeous surfee was also a fantastic Performance
  • mmmm detective baker is so damn gorgeous! I really would die just to kiss him!

    Detective Baker is sensibly romantic in home and away episodes. i think his role as a detective is a natural turn on because hes so hot!
    I have pictures of him all over my walls. Cos im a Detective Baker freak but im sure hes wayy hotter in his other australian films he starrs in!
  • 9.5
    Nicholas Bishop is so hot. A very good looking man. pitty he has a girlfriend :( Hes a very good actor.
    I love to play a part as his gf get to kiss him.
    I hope he stays on home and away for a long time.
    He is the best home and away Actor on the show.
  • I am so thrilled that Nicholas has signed a two year contract with H&A. We in the UK are still a way behind you Aussies - Dan and Leah have just got married.( Not for long!!!)

    I am so thrilled that Nicholas has signed a two year contract with H&A. We in the UK are still a way behind you Aussies - Dan and Leah have just got married.( Not for long!!!)
    Learning that Det Peter Baker was leaving was heartbreaking but good on ya Nick for being so popular and coming back. We love you. Can\'t wait for your upcoming storylines. Keep em rolling!!!
    Hope this time Peter and Leah get it on. Always preferred Pete to Dan. ( better looking especially in his black wetsuit surfing the waves of Summer Bay, and of course being a detective makes him more sexy and mysterious.

  • Nicholas Bishop is a beautiful and great man and actor

    I absolutely love Nicholas Bishop he is a gorgeous and fantastic actor charming and sexy and handsome so glad he is returning to Home and Away, I enjoy talking to other Nicholas fans and maybe doing a fan site or club for him. I have seen most of his movies all been good and Nicholas has been so talented in them all and he is so great as peter in Home and Away. Deb
  • plays det peter baker on home and away - and is very sexy!! yum.

    this guy is sexy not in a classic way but in a weird kinda way. anyhow, its a shame that although he has just signed a new 2 year contract, the producers of the show still dont have him on the credits at the beginning... i think he needs to be recognised a little more!

    I remember him from a couple of heartbreak high (remember that?!)episodes, and he has been in a couple of australian films - if anyone has seen the films let me know if they are any good!

    He works as a tutor for the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney.

    His portrayal of a determined, albeit slightly deranged!, cop in H&A has been excellent.
  • Hot and a great actor to boot

    I cannot believe this guy hasn't been put into the starting credits of Home and Away, seriously for how long has he been a recurring character now. He is absolutely brilliant, an excellent actor whose portrayal of a frankly quite mad detective chasing after a psycopathic stalker - bit heavy for Home and Away isn't it? - is amazing. Nicholas Bishop is also incredibly hot, anyone can see this!! I only wonder why he doesn't endorse himself more, on the internet i mean, there are no dates for him, hardly any pictures or any information circulating. C'mon Nicky help us out here, we love you! xxxxx