Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon


4/12/1971, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Nicolas Brendon, Nick Brendon
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Nicholas Brendon is best known for his stint as Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is currently starring on FOX's Kitchen Confidential. He turned to acting when his aspirations of playing professional baseball were squelched by a serious arm injury. He first appeared on television in a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Nicholas Brendan, a great actor loved him has Mr. Alexander (Xander) Harris in Buffy the Vampire slayer

    Nicholas Brendan, a great actor loved him has Mr. Alexander (Xander) Harris in Buffy the Vampire slayer. Nicholas Brendon, In My Opinion, is so crucial to what made Buffy the Vampire Slayer a success. He always had a presence to him I loved his comical wit on Buffy those great one liners. Nicholas Brendan is a great actor. He over came a speech problem that's not unfamiliar to many people around the world, a studder. Even with this disadvantage, he landed a huge role on Buffy, and shows that as long as you want something bad enough, you can overcome every obstacle in your way. Nicholas Brendan deserves his own show maybe a spin off of Buffy would be coolmoreless
  • Underrated but Very Talented!

    I think that he is a really good actor that should either get his own show or either have more scenes as he is a great actor that could hold his own in a cast of bigger names like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Joe Mantegna. I love him as nerdy Kevin Lynch to the Penelope Garcia counterpart on the "Criminal Minds" show. Didn't know that he had a stuttering problem but he really has not let that affect his career and that he has overcome it really well. Hopefully we will see more of Nicholas in the future. He is very gifted but underrated IMHO!moreless