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    • Besides his work has an actor and director of TV series episodes, Nicholas also directed two TV movies:
      - Columbo: Swan Song (1974 - TV movie)
      - Columbo: Étude in Black (1972 - TV movie)

    • Besides his work in TV series, Nicholas was an extensive career as an actor in movies:
      - The Haircut (1982) as the Barber Bobby Russo
      - Raging Bull (1980) as Tommy Como
      - Mad Bull (1977 - TV movie) as Duke Sallow
      - Martinelli, Outside Man (1977 - TV movie)
      - The Return of the World's Greatest Detective (1976 - TV movie) as Lieutenant Nick Tinker
      - Family Plot (1976) as Constantine
      - The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (1975) as Bert
      - Toma (1973 - TV movie) as Prolaci
      - Fat City (1972) as Ruben
      - The Counterfeit Killer (1968) as Plainclothesman
      - Mission Impossible Versus the Mob (1968) as Jimmy Bibo
      - Fame Is the Name of the Game (1966 - TV movie) as Detective

    • Nicholas Colasanto work as an actor in several feature movies, but never directed any feature movie, although he had considerable experience as Director in TV series episodes.

    • Beside its extended career as a director an actor on TV series, Nicholas Colasanto, also acted in several movies. The most famous roles were as Ruben, in John Huston's in Fat City (1972) and as Tommy Como, the mob boss, in Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull (1980).

    • He worked as an accountant for an oil company after graduation.

    • He went on to Bryant College, class '49, during is time in college earning money for tuition and board by working construction jobs.

    • He won a Q Award (Viewers for Quality Television Awards), in 1985, for Best Supporting Actor in a Quality Comedy Series for Cheers.

    • He was nominated for three Emmy Awards, from 1983 to 1985, but never won: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Cheers (1985), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Cheers (1984), and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy, Variety or Music Series for Cheers (1983)

    • His interesting in acting started when at the age of 28, when he saw Henry Fonda perform on Broadway.

    • Nicholas Colasanto died in Studio City, California, USA.

    • For his service in World War II, Nicholas Colosanto was awarded 3 medals: the World War II Victory Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, and Honorable Service Lapel Button.

    • His college, Bryant College, dedicated a common room. The inscription reads: "NICK'S PLACE Dedicated to the BRYANT COMMUNITY In Memory of NICHOLAS COLASANTO '49 By The Class of 1985".

    • He attended Providence High School but had to suspend his studies during World War II when I served in the US Navy. He finish is high school after returning from WW II.

    • During World War II, served in the US Navy between January 22, 1943 to July 3, 1945.

    • Nicholas has fluent in Italian.

    • After he passed away Ted Dansen (Sam) took the Indian statue that Nicholas had in his dressing room and put it standing in the background of the Cheers bar. The statue was put up at the end of "Cheers" third season and it remained there until the end of the series.

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