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  • The memories of this fine actor are still strong.

    When I was a boy we would watch Dr Who on a Saturday before going out to play before the skies darkened. We loved space, science fiction and the Army in those days when you were still allowed to play with toy guns without the world coming to an end.

    As The Brigadier, Nicholas Courtney was the Army man who dealt with aliens to us boys and girls. I still remember playing UNIT soldiers with my friends. Now 40 years later I see him on DVD's playing that role and can look back and see those boys running in the countryside once again. A straight, no-nonsense Officer who kept his head under fire and was almost unflappable.

    Thank you for the memories Mr Courtney. I hope to have a drink with you "up there" when my time comes. Goodnight Sir.

    There is a beautiful tribute to him on YouTube as the Officer we all know and admire. It has made grown men and women wipe their eyes though, so watch it alone the first time just in case you feel it too. Search for "My Immortal Brigadier Dr Who Memorial" on YouTube and it should be there. Created by someone called BabelColour. The comments section is something else... He was really loved.
  • Can recently be seen in The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 2 - Episodes 11 and 12 from 2008

    Can recently be seen in The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 2 - Episodes 11 and 12 from 2008. Quite a bit older but every bit the same excellent actor as the now Sir Alistar Lethbridge Stewart a.k.a. Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart of the infamous Doctor Who series (1970 thru 1976 quite extensively) For sure was in "Robot" seen in 1974-1975)Also Tom Baker's first episode. From what I have read, he may be in a few more episodes coming up in season 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. I've run out of words at this time and hope this makes the one hundred word min a mum.
  • Will always be Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

    Courtney was probably one of the best supporting actors in the whole run of the original Doctor Who, portraying a character who's stereotypical by the book ways contrasted with the ways of The Doctor, but despite being very straight, it wasn't hard to like Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and I guess it was due to Courtney's performance, he played the Brig in a way that although you would sometimes feel anger toward him, you could never hate the character, I was happy to hear that he is returning for "The Sarah Jane Adventures", When U.N.I.T. appeared in Series 1 of the "Doctor Who" revival, I knew the return of the Brig wasn't far behind