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    • Nick is married to the former Anita Raffi.

    • Plans for a 1981 reunion movie with Nick and other Untouchables cast members reprising their roles never materialized when star Robert Stack declined to appear in the film.

    • Nick was good friends with singer Tony Bennett during his younger days in New York but the two had a falling out because Bennett (an Italian) felt his fellow ethnics were portrayed in a negative manner on The Untouchables.

    • Nick had a small role as a casino croupier in the 1993 film Indecent Proposal starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore.

    • Nick is scheduled to appear in the upcoming film Retirement. Former Untouchables co-star Paul Picerni is also in the cast list.

    • Nick had a small role in the ensemble comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. He played one of the detectives at the crash site early in the movie.

    • Nick played one of the Riddler's henchmen on an episode of Batman entitled Ring Around the Riddler. Ironically, the Riddler himself, Frank Gorshin, had earlier appeared with Georgiade on an episode of The Untouchables entitled The Pea.

    • Nick appeared with Untouchables co-star Bruce Gordon in the short-lived comedy series Run, Buddy, Run.

    • Ironically, Nick played a gangster arrested by the Untouchables in the pilot for the show.

    • Nick is good friends with Bill Cosby.

    • Despite playing an Italian character on The Untouchables, Nick is of Greek descent in real life.

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