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    • Nicholas: Yes definitely, I love it. I'd like to stick to comedy as it's great fun, or an action movie like Lord of the Rings.

    • Nicholas: Hugh was brilliant, he helped me a lot by giving me ideas and teaching something new each day, he really helped me get into the role, he's my idol now, him and Jim Carrey I'd really like to work with him someday.

    • Nicholas: I've seen kids who only care about performing; it's their life and it's all they have, and it's not a nice thing to see. It's unhealthy and if you're surrounded by show business, that's what can happen to you.

    • Nicholas: It's always a bit overwhelming when you arrive on set and everyone's new, but you soon become a big family. I find the hardest thing about acting is that you have to say goodbye to everyone at the end of a shoot.

    • Nicholas: I don't like watching myself. I get embarrassed.