Nichole Beattie

Nichole Beattie


11/19/1976, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Nichole Beattie


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Nichole Beattie is a screenwriter and executive story editor having worked on Rubicon, Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood and John from Cincinnati. She is currently a co-producer for NBC's Prime Suspect.

Nichole's mother is Melody Beattie, writer of the self-help book Codependent No More.


Trivia and Quotes

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    • On the day her brother died in a ski accident, Nichole took him skiing with her and her friends for his 12th birthday present.

    • Nichole is very close to her mother.

    • Nichole helped her mother write the book "Lessons of Love," in 1994.  The book told the true story of Nichole and Melody's struggles to deal with their grief.  The book became a best seller.

    • On the second anniversary of her brother's death, Nichole went to Texas with her mother, and they spoke together at a grief conference.  Nichole shared alot more of her pain and depression with the grief convention.  She was healing from her brother's death, but she still misses him today.

    • Nichole spent 2 years blaming herself for her brother's death in a ski accident, but she has learned that it was not her fault.  She sought counseling to deal with her depression.  She was also wild and out of control, but she did kind and loving things for her mother and her friends.  Today, she is a successful writer for TV abd cinema.

    • When Christmas, 1991 rolled around, Nichole didn't feel like celebrating since her brother died earlier in 1991.

    • Was deeply saddened by the death of her 11-year old brother Shane, who died in a skiing accident in 1991.  Nichole spent 2 years drinking to deal with her grief.

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