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Nichole Hiltz

Nichole Hiltz


9/3/1978, Hanover, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Nichole M. Hiltz



Also Known As

Nicole Hiltz, Nichole M. Hiltz
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Nichole Hiltz is an American film and television actress probably most known for her role as Brandi Shannon on USA Network's drama In Plain Sight. Born and raised in Hanover, Massachusetts, Nichole grew up being inspired by Punky Brewster (from the '80s show of the same name) and…more


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    • Nichole: I was always in love with film and becoming a character and playing something else and nobody ever told me no so I just followed it.

    • Nichole: (on doing anything else besides acting) Either that or a rock star, but I'd have to see if I was good at it. I have no other skills. This is the hardest question you could ever ask me. I'm not good at anything else any more. I put all my eggs in one basket. I'm good at being fun.

    • Nichole: I think in playing a character you have to have compassion and love for it in order to play it authentically.

    • Nichole: For me, comedy is just so fun on stage and I did some of that when I first got to Los Angeles. I love hopping into Second City, and Improv Olympic and those places and doing one-night performances with other actors. It's always such a thrill.

    • Nichole: (on her preference for a particular role) I like being given something and given the opportunity to try something and then I can surprise myself. I don't really picture myself as a specific role, I like to give a shot at anything, just try to do it and make it real.

    • Nichole: (about her preference between working in movies or on TV) I don't really have a preference. Some people say working on films, role-wise, it's the best, and the idea of being this character for three months and diving into them. But I love doing television, because you have the opportunity to guest star on a lot of shows and you get to play different characters all the time.

    • Nichole: (advice for aspiring young actors) If you don't love it then you shouldn't; you have to beyond really love it to really do it, but you can't figure that out, I guess, until you try everything.

    • Nichole: (Malina plays her onscreen boyfriend on "In Plain Sight".) I was delighted to have a TV boyfriend. Then I was delighted to find out it was Josh Malina.

    • Nichole: (in a 2008 interview) After high school, I was taking film acting classes in Boston and nobody ever really told me that I couldn't. It's weird doing this now; it's almost like I never looked up, I never took the time to be scared of it, and now I'm doing it and madly in love with it. It's the best relationship I have in my life.

    • Nichole: (comparing herself to her "In Plain Sight" character) Emotionally, I think we're very similar. Yes, there are a lot of things that are very much the same between me and Brandi, except that I have a job and I don't have a meth addiction. Neither of us have boyfriends and, yes, she's very heartfelt, very much loves her family and is very much into her friends and forgets about herself a lot. I can relate there sometimes.

    • Nichole: The naughtiest thing in my bedroom is me! I'm naughty.

    • Nichole: You know, it [the film May] was exactly my life. It's my E! True Hollywood Story. Of all the movies I've done, May is my favorite.