Nick Bakay

Nick Bakay


10/8/1959, Buffalo, New York, USA

Birth Name

Nick Bakay



Also Known As

Nick Bakay
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A native of Buffalo, NY, Bakay graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio and later earned an M.F.A. from the Professional Acting Program at SMU in Dallas, Texas. After moving to New York, he spent the early part of his acting career performing in numerous theater productions. At the…more


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  • What can I say? The guy's a genius!

    Salem is one of my favorutie characters on Sabrina and Nick Bakay is just so right for the part! He does the sarcastic voice really well!

    One of the main things that I love about Salem is his voice! I don't really think any other person could do the voice of this cat as well as he did!

    I also love that in one episode of Sabrina there is a reference to Nick Bakay. Salem wants to call into his sports show on ESPN radio because all he ever talks about is the Buffalo Bills and his voice is so annoying!I think thats really great!moreless
  • I will always know him as Salem.

    He did a brilliant job at voicing Salem he made Salem just feel so real.I had no idea what he looked like until recently but basically I will always know him as Salem the cat that can talk.Also I think it was good when Salem was put in Gordon's body because everytime "Gordie" spoke you just thought Salem was talking.Well I think he should maybe do some more voice roles because we all know he'll do great.Since I don't have anything else to say and I still haven't made it to 100 words I just say that Sabrina the teenage witch is an AWESOME SHOW ! Oh! wow now I've done more then a hundred words well I better stop.moreless