Nick Benson

Nick Benson


6/8/1994, Springfield, MO

Birth Name

Nicholas James Benson



Also Known As

Nicholas J. Benson
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Nick was born in Springfield, MO in 1994. He began his acting career after moving to Florida in 2001. He has two older brothers. His brother Dan Benson can be seen in the upcoming film "The Onion Movie." His oldest brother Michael has acted in a commercial with…more


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  • Nothing really special, but a good child actor nonetheless.

    Nick Benson is an okay actor on Summerland but the character he play made me really dislike him. The character Derrick is annoying and ignorant and really needs to get a life. The way he walked, dressed, and talked made him seem pretty gay. He started out kind of cute and pretty funny, but then he turned into this stupid ugly annoying skater punk. His hair is all greasy and grungy and since it doesnt look good on any man alive, it sure as hell would look good on him. Hopefully he will get more roles that will help him build his stamina and make people think a little more of him than just the ugly stupid, kind of chubby, wanna be skater kid from Summerland.moreless