Nick (Brat Camp)

Nick (Brat Camp)


Seattle, WA

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Nick is a dyslexic teenager who is constantly fighting with his family. Not only does he disrespect his father and yell obscenities at his mother, he once even pulled a knife on his twin brother. Unable to deal with Nick's relentless anger issues any longer, his parents made…more


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  • nick man!!! please read this!

    !!!!! he is soooo hott!!! does anyone know his last name? do you all really think this show is real or are the kids just actors???? i would really like to know yo!!!!! omg nick is soo cute!!! damn!!!!!! i want to meet him soo bad! i cant beileve he lives all the way in washington

    please someone tell his last name yo how is everyone! im tired! rock on nick fans !moreless
  • Nick Dyslexic is hard for him to cope with. He feels like a rea jerk in the eyes of his peers, including his brother. His anger is real because he is so fustrated with himself. I went through this long ago as well as my son whom is 19.moreless

    Nick will make it for sure. He needs to let go of his anger and this is hard, since he carry so much hatred against his brother and family. He had come to a point that he really think he is stupid, but I can see in his behavior that he is not. He must build up faith in himself, and yes we are going to fall at times, but we just neeed to get back up.

    I am happy to see that Nick got to go home, he has done a great job, and I hope he keeps his promiss to the staff and keep in contact with Scott. I would like Scott to tell me how he is doing.

    I am very happy that Nick made it out, and also to see he doing fine, and getting along with his twin brother.moreless