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    heres what you do:write what show you like most with nick cannon on it(he has to be on of the main characters) and why.

    heres mine:nick cannon presents wild'n out...i like it becuase they have awesome singers there...they have great jokes and great games to play...and they have some hot girl sometimes!!...its all around fun

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    The new America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon is not funny, downright rude and can't speak English, but that's not all. He has a huge condescendent attitute...(did you see his look towards KEVIN SKINNER, before he sang one of the most beautiful songs ever)? Futhermore, Nick cannon has been having a sneer on his face all the time. Someone in the network must have noticed this and told him to stop. So now he tries to you notice how fake his smile is? Must be killing him.
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